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  1. dilly dilly RS

    dilly dilly RS

  2. FS 2017 Focus RS Frozen White RS2

    Cars For Sale
    Selling my Focus RS. The car is flawless. Just bought an M3 and can't have both. 2017 Focus RS Frozen White RS2 Package no sunroof Base wheels with PSS 100% stock Always garaged Like new condition 12,xxx miles Located in Chicago Asking $31,999 Thanks!
  3. Clutch Pedal will not go to the floor (without resistance)

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Folks, I am the owner of a 2016 Ford Focus RS. I got the car July 22 of 2016. I complained to the dealer about 6 months ago about my shifter have an issue with reverse and first gear. (it would jam up occasionally.) a technician drove the car and assured me everything was fine. Well...
  4. NEW! Ford Focus RS Tow Strap from NRG Innovations + Free Shipping!!
    Most tracks or any autocross course require either a tow hook or strap pre-installed before entering, be ready to get right through and onto the track thanks to NRG Innovations Front Tow Strap for the Ford Focus RS. Easily installed in minutes, simply pop out the insert exposing the threads...
  5. NEW & IN STOCK! WeatherTech CargoTech Containment System!!
    WeatherTech is excited to introduce their new CargoTech Containment System, designed to keep groceries, boxes, coolers, or other items you put in your trunk from being loose or thrown around. Thanks to its super-grippy underside, it will be sure to keep everything safe without worry of anything...
  6. NOW AVAILABLE: Down Force Solutions V2 Rear Diffuser for the Ford Focus RS
    Inspired from rally cars comes the V2 Rear Diffuser from Down Force Solutions! Made specifically for the Ford Focus RS to provide an OEM fit and finish. This kit changes the whole look of the back end of the Focus RS, making it more aggressive and will make sure to stand out from the rest. Made...
  7. HG Recall right into multiple P050A issues and possibly a lemon law

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Hi everyone. I was hoping that my first post would be me introducing myself and my awesome 2017 FW Focus RS but instead life threw me a (possible) lemon! So let me explain. Back in February I brought my RS in for the HG recall. After 32 days I got my car back. After 3 days of driving the car...
  8. Personalized License Plate Frame Designer with Customizable Color & Text!
    Set your car off from the rest with tossing out ordinary license plate frame and customize your very own! Available in many frame colors with text colors as well! Having up to 9 characters on both the top and bottom portions of the frame. Rather you are trying to match you custom vanity plates...
  9. Down Force Solutions V2 Front Splitter for the Ford Focus RS!
    Introducing the new V2 Front Splitter from Down Force Solutions that is specifically made for the Ford Focus RS! Keeping over the same styling with adding a touch more aggression with the added winglets on each side. Made out of high grade aluminum composite with a rubber edge trim. Finished in...
  10. Foamskinz Interior Cup Holder Inserts for the Ford Focus RS
    Foamskinz has introduced their interior cup holder inserts that are specifically designed and fitted for the Ford Focus RS. Made out of durable nonabsorbent foam material that also has noise reducing qualities, these inserts install in just minutes. Perfectly fitted to go into the cup holders...
  11. All in One best bang for the buck power mods thread

    Focus RS Discussions
    I'm sure this has been discussed but I just want to get it summed up: what are the basic most bang for your buck power mods on the RS? In Subaru world it was the almighty stage 2, downpipe + tune. What's the equivalent here?
  12. Soon to be new RS owner

    hello everyone, I go by node, I will be buying a Focus RS in the next two months. I currently own a VW JSW TDI and am getting it bought back by VW due to the diesel scandal. I've been interested in the RS as soon as it was revealed in Geneva, I actually went to the auto show and saw it at its...
  13. Rattling sound from engine

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and have a new RS with about 5300km on the clock. There is a strange loud rattling sound coming from the engine when you go over 2000rpm, it goes especially loud when you tap the gas pedal over that rpm. Anyone have a similar issue? Much thanks!
  14. DMB Vinyls Installed!

    Focus RS Photos and Videos
    First time dry installing some vinyls. Turned out pretty great. Shout out to DMB Graphics, man. They look like part of the paint even up close.
  15. LIVE from Performance Racing Industry 2017 | DSC Sport at Booth #2610!

    Focus RS Events
    We’re here LIVE from Indianapolis for PRI 2017 at Booth #2610 displaying our new DSC Sport controllers, Version 3 capabilities, product releases, as well as optional Tractive Suspension dampers that extend to the Ford Focus RS and Mustang GT350, Porsche 991.1/991.2, Gen 6 Chevy Camaro, Ferrari...
  16. Focus rs limited edition updates??

    Focus RS Australia
    Hey guys Any updates on accurate delivery dates on the limited edition for Australia?
  17. Cygnus Leader damaged

    Focus RS Discussions
    Those waiting for the next shipment of 2018 RS's (myself included) are looking at a delay. Cygnus Leader was at Bremerhaven, where it broke off its moorings due to a storm and sustained damage when it collided into another ship. The good news is that none of our cars are on it yet, as Zeebrugge...
  18. Milltek Cat-Back Exhaust
    Milltek Cat-Back Exhaust now available at Features: The non-resonated Milltek exhaust for the Ford Focus RS comes in either Polished 115mm tips, Cerakote Black 115mm tips, Titanium 115 mm tips or the Burnt Titanium 115mm tips option Milltek Non-Resonated Cat-Back Exhaust System...
  19. New Injen Cat-Back Exhaust System for the Ford Focus RS

    Focus RS Performance
    Injen came out with their performance exhaust system for the Ford Focus RS Check it out here: Injen Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System for the Ford Focus RS Injen Ford Focus RS Cat-Back Exhaust System Features: Increase of 16 HP and 14 LBS of Torque while maintaining efficiency Stainless...
  20. Goodridge Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines for the Ford Focus RS + Discount!!
    Improve pedal feel and braking performance with these stainless steel braided brake lines by Goodridge. Upgrading your brake lines to a stainless steel format has considerable advantages over stock set ups. You get increased braking efficiency and it removes the spongy brake pedal feel under...