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  1. Exhaust valve rattle on startup.

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    I’ll try and get a video if I can but about 50% of the time when I start my car, warm or cold (more so when cold), the valve on my magnaflow catback rattles. Sounds like metal on metal shaking and only happens for about 10-20 seconds and I think it goes away when I open the flap. I’ve searched...
  2. Quietest Valved Exhaust

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hey everyone, New to the domestic market and there are a lot of players in the exhaust market. Picked up my RS on Memorial Day, I’ve bought everything I need minus exhaust in preparation for my E30 tune. I have had straight piped or catless resonated TBEs on all of my cars since I was 15 and I...
  3. Unknown Center Exit Exhaust Trade For Stock?

    Parts Wanted
    I traded up from my '14 FoST to a '16 FoRS yesterday... Drove 300 miles back home with what sounds like an open exhaust. Have not gotten a chance to lift the car and see what is up under there, but I know I want to get rid of this very loud exhaust. Not too bad when you get up to speed, but...
  4. Tune plus single exit titanium exhaust

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hey guys, I’m really interested in the tune plus exhaust but it’s hard to find much about how people like it and hearing the sound, for you guys that bought it how do you like it and do you have any clips of the exhaust sound?
  5. Injen catback with catless downpipe?

    Focus RS Discussions
    Thinking about a future combination with the injen catback and a scorpion catless down pipe. Does anyone have this setup or something close to it?
  6. Mish-Mash Exhaust Questions?

    Focus RS Performance
    Hello everybody, So, I bought a Focus RS a while ago, it was stock, except for the exhaust. It has some weird cheap SW exhaust on the back and what seems to be some sort of resonator, but its 12" max. It kept the stock valve but honestly doesn't work half the time, or at least it doesn't seem...
  7. 2017 Focus RS (RS2 package) in Frozen White

    Hello all! I've looked through these forums when i first got my RS, but I just joined the .org! My name is Reid, I'm a 21 year old mechanical engineering student from California! A few months ago someone hit me in my 2012 WRX hatchback (was mostly built, was bout to drop in a IAG stage 2 block)...
  8. (SOLD) Full-Race 3″ Catback Exhaust with Active Valve

    Sold Sold Sold
    For sale is a used Full-Race catback exhaust system. I was the second owner of the system and there is approximately 11,645 miles on the system between the two of us. There is nothing functionally wrong, it was just too loud for my taste. It has a very deep tone, especially when the valve is...
  9. SOLD Aftermarket part out.

    Parts for Sale
    1. ADF Customs Undertray (Blue) - BNIB ---- SOLD Never installed just opened and looked at contents. Never had a chance to get this on the car. 2. ETS Intercooler (Blue) - Used ------ SOLD Fins all look good. 3. ETS IC piping (Wrinkle Black) - Used ------ SOLD 4. ETS Downpipe - Used...
  10. (SOLD) Used Stock Ford Turboback Exhaust (DP, MP, & Muffler)

    Sold Sold Sold
    I have gone full Cobb exhaust and am not looking back (plus, this stuff takes up some space!), so I'm selling my used stock downpipe, mid-pipe, and muffler. Update: List of parts for sale & status: [SOLD] Stock Ford Downpipe for a 2016 - 2018 Focus RS [SOLD] Stock Ford Mid-Pipe for a 2016 -...
  11. Focus RS Exhaust Valve open at idle / low speed

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hi everyone, I have done some reading and watched a few videos on the valve and how/when it works in normal mode. I have recently had the exhaust bypass mod done so the different operating modes are very distinct. From what I have read online, when warm, in normal mode at idle (when taking...
  12. Catless DP help

    Focus RS Discussions
    I'm new to the modding world and don't really want to do a whole lot other than make the exhaust sound a bit beefier. At this point, I'm not worried about any performance gains, but just want to feel more satisfied with the power through the sound. I plan on getting a catless DP, probably...
  13. How to quiet down AWE Track

    Focus RS Performance
    So I recently installed the AWE track exhaust and love everything about it (stock downpipe), except two specific scenarios. 1. WOT pulls and decel, the backfire and pop which is normally quite nice with the stock exhaust is simply too loud (for me). It is gun shot sounding. 2. Letting off the...
  14. AWE Track Edition Review PLUS Installation Video

    Focus RS Accessories
    Hey guys! SWATS here. I just purchased the AWE Track Edition and I couldn't be happier. I've done several performance modifications to my 2016 RS and I felt it was time to have its sound step up to be on equal footing. I initially was going to go with the ETS Extreme pipe, but I have several...
  15. exhaust questions

    North Eastern RS Owners
    I want to install a borla exhaust on my RS, will this void my warranty? Has anyone done this
  16. Exhaust Recs

    Focus RS Performance
    Hello everyone. Apologies if this has been done before, I searched for a recommendation thread but couldn't find one. As the title reads I'm looking for a recommendation on an exhaust. I'm looking for something with a deep sound but loud as well. Should I have a muffler shop custom make it or...
  17. Straight Piping & Warranty

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hi Everyone, I just got a new 2017 RS recently and I think we all can agree that the exhaust system sounds great as it is, but Ford obviously had to meet regulatory requirements. I want people to know I'm coming a 1/4 mile away and the other system they offer just doesn't cut it. The dealers...
  18. Alittle help Anyone???? MBRP catback Exhaust Resonator Delete

    Focus RS Performance
    Hello all, Looking at installing a MBRP's 3" Cat Back, Dual Outlet, T409 system I purchased over the Holidays. Was curious if anyone has this catback system and if anyone has deleted the resonator on it. It sits on top of the muffler. Dont really wana mess with the sound much but if it would...
  19. Milltek Non-resonated Cat-back Exhaust

    Focus RS Performance
    I'm looking into buying the Milltek non-res cat-back and wanted to get a pulse, from people who've pulled the trigger on it, if it is worth the money. From what I have been listening to on YouTube, it seems to be the deepest note and most raw sounding exhaust out for the RS to date, but I'm a...
  20. Borla Exhaust Sale!

    Got Exhaust LLC
    Hope everyone is having a great Monday! We are offering both the S-type Cat-Back and the ATAK Cat-Back for sale this week. We are also offering sale prices on Borla products for other vehicles as well. Shoot me a PM with your zip code and i'll reply with your quote. S-Type Cat-Back™...