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  1. Exhaust valve rattle on startup.

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    I’ll try and get a video if I can but about 50% of the time when I start my car, warm or cold (more so when cold), the valve on my magnaflow catback rattles. Sounds like metal on metal shaking and only happens for about 10-20 seconds and I think it goes away when I open the flap. I’ve searched...
  2. Quietest Valved Exhaust

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hey everyone, New to the domestic market and there are a lot of players in the exhaust market. Picked up my RS on Memorial Day, I’ve bought everything I need minus exhaust in preparation for my E30 tune. I have had straight piped or catless resonated TBEs on all of my cars since I was 15 and I...
  3. Mish-Mash Exhaust Questions?

    Focus RS Performance
    Hello everybody, So, I bought a Focus RS a while ago, it was stock, except for the exhaust. It has some weird cheap SW exhaust on the back and what seems to be some sort of resonator, but its 12" max. It kept the stock valve but honestly doesn't work half the time, or at least it doesn't seem...
  4. X force exhaust, no drive mode selection

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Hi legends. So I got my car her first upgrades last week, I got an X force varex exhaust and a custom tune. Since the exhaust was installed I have the error message saying drive mode selection unavailable. I also noticed the car no longer beeps when I open and close the door, and when driving...
  5. Focus RS Exhaust Valve open at idle / low speed

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hi everyone, I have done some reading and watched a few videos on the valve and how/when it works in normal mode. I have recently had the exhaust bypass mod done so the different operating modes are very distinct. From what I have read online, when warm, in normal mode at idle (when taking...