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  1. 2017 Focus RS (RS2 package) in Frozen White

    Hello all! I've looked through these forums when i first got my RS, but I just joined the .org! My name is Reid, I'm a 21 year old mechanical engineering student from California! A few months ago someone hit me in my 2012 WRX hatchback (was mostly built, was bout to drop in a IAG stage 2 block)...
  2. FS Aftermarket part out. ETS Exhaust and CoolTechLLC

    Parts for Sale
    Parting out mods and unfortunately selling the RS. Jumping into something bigger for the family. I am in the process of taking more parts off the car now and will post those when they are available. Car was my DD, never seen track time or abuse. All the parts are in good condition and have...
  3. Vivid Racing | ETS Black November Sale

    Vivid Racing
    Vivid Racing Presents: ETS Black November Sale MSRP $1000.000 PM, call, or email for FoRS Exclusive Pricing! 10% off All Intakes, Intercooler Upgrades and Exhausts! [email protected] | +1.480.966.3040 x230 | Product Information: Vivid Racing believes that...
  4. AWE Track Edition Review PLUS Installation Video

    Focus RS Accessories
    Hey guys! SWATS here. I just purchased the AWE Track Edition and I couldn't be happier. I've done several performance modifications to my 2016 RS and I felt it was time to have its sound step up to be on equal footing. I initially was going to go with the ETS Extreme pipe, but I have several...