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  1. Focus RS Performance
    Hey guys . Just got my RS dyno’d in WA Australia. Running stage 2 + 98 on my Cobb access port and I only got 193.5 hp and 229.1Nm from my three runs . My mods are listed on the photos. I’m blown away how low these numbers are. Any suggestion why so low ?
  2. Focus RS Performance
    Despite having a lot of the same mods as similar builds, after my dyno tuning I seem to have less HP than a lot of other people but more torque. I am left wondering why. I haven't read every dyno sheet out there but I see a lot of similar numbers. I'm not complaining as the car feels and drives...
  3. Focus RS Performance
    First off - sorry for the n00b post... Planning a couple of pulls on a local dyno to get a baseline before I start changing anything. I've not had any experience with a dyno and the guy at the shop I'm using asked me to make sure I know exactly what to do and suggested I reach out to anyone...
  4. Focus RS Canada
    RS Dyno Day July 8th @ Patrick's A.R.T. Motorsports Markham, Ontario 60 Green Ln #7&8, Thornhill, ON L3T 7P5 10am to 6pm Cost will be reasonable $80 for 3 pulls! Stock/mod, doesn't matter. Always good to know your base. Reply back if you're interested.
1-4 of 4 Results