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  1. **NEED ADVICE** FAIL: Pre-Delivery Inspection 2018 LE

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    I posted a bit about this elsewhere. I decided to create my own thread to more appropriately seek out advice. I'll do a bit of cut/paste to save time. I waited over 6 months, let my dealership sit on a deposit, and this sorry pile of poor workmanship is what Ford delivered. They should be...
  2. Wow, thought this car was too stiff...silly dealer

    Focus RS Suspension
    OK,I get it. Ford made the car stiff...and the springs stiff... and the damping stiff. My dealer made it stiffer... I just checked the air pressure. Delivered with 51 PSi in each tire! Adjusted down to 41 f 38 rear on the 19" SC2's and life is good again. No stiffer that my modded MCS in...
  3. Reality Check - Post-Delivery Questionnaire

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    Anyone who's bought anything major in the past several years has been advised that there's a "how'd we do" questionnaire coming in a few days and that anything other than a max score is considered a failure and heads will roll. Given all the issues that most of us have experienced to one extent...
  4. Preparing for delivery - Important checklist

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    Edit UPDATE: I plan on having a verbal conversation with my salesman, not sending a letter. I'm trying to put more trust in the dealership and just hope they don't abuse the car or joy ride it when I'm not there. My #1 concern is no drilling licence plate holes in the bumper. Okay, so I...