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  1. Ask for help with bad dealer!!!

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hi everyone, I don't know what to do right now. I ordered my RS on 11/11/15 last year($2000 Deposit), Watertown Ford MA(F11027)! First, the dealer said it would come on April, than mid of Jun ,than mid of July. I asked them several times. The last message I got is that the first allocation has...
  2. PSA: Don't be fooled by the dealers!!

    Focus RS Purchasing
    Hello! Skip this part if you don't care about back story: So a little back story, I've been a Mazda fan for about 8 years now and never saw myself buying a Ford. Every Ford my parents have owned has crapped out before 60k miles. I currently own a 2012 Mazdaspeed3 which happily beats the ST any...
  3. Dealer bait-and-switch

    Focus RS Purchasing
    I have a sales order confirmation from my dealer with the agreed price and note of deposit paid. When the car turns up can the dealer just turn around and say they want another 5K or I don't get the car? Feeling a bit paranoid right now.....
  4. Any Georgia (or surrounding) Dealers at MSRP?

    Southeast RS Owners
    I have pretty much lost hope for finding dealers in Georgia that will sell me a car at MSRP. Everyone I have called either does not have sufficient information or will be charging 3 to 5k over. Finally got a call back today from a dealer but the salesmen said they sold one allocation already...