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  1. Space in overhead console for Viofo dash cam hardwire kit?

    Focus RS Electronics
    I have a Viofo A119 V3 dash cam and VIOFO HK3ACC hardwire kit. I also have a radar detector and a gentex mirror to hard-wire into my 2018 Focus RS. I had the idea to put the VIOFO hardware kit in the space behind the overhead console. I primarily want to do this to make it easier to change...
  2. How To: Radar Detector / Dash Camera Install

    Focus RS Guides
    I recently finished up installing some add-ons / accessories to my car and wanted to share some of the tricks and methods I used to accomplish my installs. In this post ill go over my dash camera and radar detector. You can view my Laser Jammer install here...
  3. Interior Rearview Mirror Re-purpose

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hey guys, brand new to the forum and have had my '16 SG RS2 for exactly 1 month today (snagged a showroom model on the last sales day of the year, only way to avoid $5000 mark-up in El Paso), so I'm hoping to pull from the collective wisdom of guys and gals with more ownership time. Wondering...