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  1. Ford Changing from Orange to Yellow Coolant

    Focus RS Maintenance
    I couldn't find anything related to this in the search tab but my apologies in advance if this was already discussed. I recently stopped by Ford to grab coolant to top off the reservoir and was told Motorcraft had replaced their orange coolant with yellow coolant as of Jan 2020. Both the dealer...
  2. Motor blew up due to coolant and it was somehow my fault

    Focus RS Discussions
    2017 Ford Focus RS SG So I bought the car second hand from someone near my area. Car was awesome and did perfectly.. except that it was using coolant very quickly. I take it to quick lanes and tell them it was using, they did nothing about it (not their problem honestly, dont blame them at...
  3. Coolant Smell in Cabin and Drip Underneath

    Focus RS Discussions
    Went for a drive a few days ago and noticed a faint coolant smell in the cabin. When I got back home I popped the hood and the coolant level was definitely a touch lower than it had been last time I looked. I put a piece of cardboard under the car and started it up for a few minutes. Pulled...
  4. Have 2016 RS. Only 3,200 mls. How do I deal with the Coolant issue with low mileage?

    West / West Coast Owners
    I was one of the first to get the RS here in California - July 2016 delivered to me in LA after waiting 8 months for it!. I only put ~2,000 miles per year on it and Im up to 3,200 miles. I'll never get to high miles until the warrantee runs out.... And if I sold it in say 5 years, it would be...