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  1. Focus RS Discussions
    I have an ST but know you RS guys run a lot of gc products so I'm posting this here as well. Basically, I've been eyeing up the GC coilover kit and had a few question as what options I should choose when ordering. Keep in mind, my car does see the track a few times a year but is still daily...
  2. Parts for Sale
    -Ohlin road and track coilovers. 32k miles on them. Rebuilt about 12k ago. Comes with ground control camber plates. $1300 obo Volk TE37 wheels 18x9 and Nakang CR-5 tires with about 50% left. Minor rash on one wheel. Comes with wheel covers. $3000 obo Can do pickups in the Bay Area.
    $4,300 USD
  3. Focus RS Builds
    Wondering if I should go for the whiteline sway bar and end link kit or any other good opinions or pedders or some other good coilover / rear shock and spring set up but what should I truly do first suspension or sway bar and links and bushings?
  4. Focus RS Suspension
    This post is intended to give an overview of the Pedders eXtreme XA coilovers for the Focus RS. It's not intended to be an install how-to -- there are a few how-to posts (like this one) and videos that are already more detailed than I could do. The coilover kit includes fully-threaded-body...
  5. Focus RS Suspension
    Hi All, Wyatt here from Motion Control Suspension. We've had several of you phone in asking questions and we certainly welcome you to do so, we are here to help. With that said, we have decided to make this thread to cover some of the questions that we are frequently asked. What damper...
  6. Focus RS Suspension
    I have never used coilovers or bags before, only lowering springs (it was stupid idea and now my BRZ feels like it is breaking my back even when I drive over the smallest of pebbles). My question is concerning how installing coilovers or bags will effect how the car changes the dampers in...
1-7 of 8 Results