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  1. Clutch feel

    Focus RS Purchasing
    hey guys, so i’m really wanting a focus RS for all the right reasons and are wondering how the clutch feels? like is it heavy or is it light and easy to drive. i live in seattle so i experience a bunch of traffic and i broke my leg a few years ago so i was wondering on what it’s gonna feel like...
  2. RS Clutch vs ST

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hello RS community, I recently went to get an oil change done on my 17 RS while I was out of town. The technician came out and asked me what aftermarket clutch did I install in my car. To my surprise I told him "What do you mean? The car is all factory to my knowledge. Bought it with 6k miles"...
  3. Clutch Pedal will not go to the floor (without resistance)

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Folks, I am the owner of a 2016 Ford Focus RS. I got the car July 22 of 2016. I complained to the dealer about 6 months ago about my shifter have an issue with reverse and first gear. (it would jam up occasionally.) a technician drove the car and assured me everything was fine. Well...
  4. Clutch suddenly feels different

    Focus RS Performance
    I've had my RS for about 2 months now and just crossed the 3,900 mile mark. (I know a lot. 90+ mile commute to work daily). Anyways I noticed that at EXACTLY the 3,700 mile mark my clutch suddenly feels much easier to depress and much easer to shift. Is this something normal or should I be...
  5. Super Stiff Clutch Pedal After Extended Driving

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hi Everyone: Sorry if this is a really duh question, but I am not as mechanically inclined as most here. I bought my Focus RS because I love Ford, I love the brand and to me the purchase was a no brainer :) So, I have finally taken a long trip in my RS (about 400 miles) and I noticed that...
  6. Lazy Clutch

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    I just experienced something very strange that I wanted to share on the forum. I was doing some spirited driving and just entering a small roundabout when I clutched in and shifted to 3rd gear. When I released the clutch it seemed to stick like halfway down and I applied the throttle like...
  7. Rear Drive Unit long-term reliability question

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hello fellow members: I have read several places that the rear drive unit was purposely engineered to slip. I have actively searched and cannot find where exactly I read that. If someone can find the article, please post it in this thread. My question is this: The design sounds like a disaster...
  8. AWD technics, is the real all wheel drive ???

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hi guys, from all info available I found out the drive system is a bit tunen Twinster from GNK. but my Q. would be: Is there permanent split torque between front and rear or is it more like haldex, that means reactive or as they say pre-emptive, but only in some situations, eg cornering ? Is it...