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  1. Ford Focus RS COBB vs Borla Cat-Back

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    Hi Guys, I need some input on something about these two cat-backs. I have a Borla ATAK at the moment on my stock RS. I'm looking to get the Stage 1 tune from COBB installed. In the requirements section, it states "Optional: COBB Cat-Back". What I need to know is: Is the Borla ATAK is the same...
  2. Milltek Non-resonated Cat-back Exhaust

    Focus RS Performance
    I'm looking into buying the Milltek non-res cat-back and wanted to get a pulse, from people who've pulled the trigger on it, if it is worth the money. From what I have been listening to on YouTube, it seems to be the deepest note and most raw sounding exhaust out for the RS to date, but I'm a...
  3. Labor Day Sale! Good through September 8!

    Got Exhaust LLC
    I am excited to announce our very first sale here on! With this introductory sale we will be offering multiple cat back exhausts. To receive our special pricing, you must send me a private message or email me. First up is Magnaflow's Focus RS Competition Cat back exhaust, model...
  4. Thermal R&D Cat-Back Exhaust: Install and Sound Video

    Focus RS Performance
    Other than the bumpy suspension and the uncomfortable seating position, I love my Focus RS. I even like the exhaust note. It's just a little...subdued. Especially from outside the car -- when I first heard someone drive my car off down the street, I was disappointed. It didn't sound nearly as...