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  1. Focus RS Discussions
    Look at my new RS cover. Love it šŸ˜
  2. Sold Sold Sold
    I bought my RS off the lot, and it was optioned with the factory car cover. I don't have a need for it, so I am selling it to a good home. Price: $300 including shipping to USA lower 48 states (msrp is $375) Condition: New in unopened factory box Let me know if you're interested or have any...
  3. Focus RS Discussions
    I've been looking at a lot of European based makers of high quality car covers. $320 -400 USD but then are nice and have soft inner and fit like a glove. Any covers that move are bound to scratch your paint. Does anyone have pictures of their car covers, maker, cost. Regards, Dan
  4. Focus RS Detailing
    I did not buy the $350 Ford car cover thinking I could shop around. Does anyone have suggestion or experience with one on their ST? I was looking at these: 2016 Ford Focus ST CAR Cover - Buy 2016 Ford Focus ST CAR Cover at Low Prices
1-4 of 4 Results