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  1. Highly intrested/looking to purchase 2018 LE in Canada

    Focus RS Purchasing
    Hi All. I have been eyeing a focus RS ever since they came out, and it looks like 2018 is the year to get. However, pricing in the Canadian market has been ridiculous, ranging at $58K-$62K CDN + tax. It looks like there are quite a few 18's still on lots in Ontario/across Canada, and several...
  2. HG replacement in Ottawa

    Focus RS Canada
    I have a 2017 RS, and I am finally getting around to dealing with the head gasket recall. Any recommendations on dealers to perform this work (or more importantly any to avoid) ? I bought my car from Campbell Ford on Carling. I was very happy with my purchase experience but I have no insight...
  3. 1st Toronto RS Meet

    Focus RS Canada
    Dope meet. Toronto streets were a good proving ground to give the RS' a bit of exercise. Cool cars, cool owners. Without further ado, some pics from the jaunt this morning. Next meet, snow drifts? :p Starbucks Drive Humber Bay Shores
  4. Facebook: Canadian Focus RS Group

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  5. Post Your RS Pics When You FInaly Get It (N-A only)

    Focus RS Purchasing
    I just thought I'd get a post ready for when people on this side of the ocean start to get their cars. (I'm referring to the "new world" :tongue-new:) When posting your pics, let us know what options you took and if you plan on making any changes. I'd also be curious to know when you guys...
  6. Ex Maple Leafs Tear it up Rallye Style in the RS

    Focus RS Canada
    Not what you would expect... But tell me where I could order one of these puppies!! :surprise: I figured my fellow Canucks would appreciate combining Hockey with our pending RS :cool: