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  1. Wanting to build Focus 420

    Focus RS Builds
    Hi everyone! Im just wanting to build my RS with 420 whp! Just wondering what I should do to it to get it to 420! Any help would be great! This is my car I always wanted! Just want to do it right!
  2. Best RS tuner in the Atlanta area

    Southeast RS Owners
    hi all, i am looking for the best RS tuner in the Atlanta area. I am looking for someone who have a lot of experience with modifying and tuning eco boost engines especially RS and ST. any recommendation will be very appreciated thank you!
  3. RSVIC's NB '16 Build Thread (Australia)

    Focus RS Builds
    Just passed 2 years of ownership and I thought I would finally start a build thread :wink-new:. To set the scene, this is a car I am enjoying driving every day and therefore it is not built for the track and the intention is for the car to look almost completely stock from the outside. Below...