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  1. Focus RS Builds
    Check out the video. Like..comment..subscribe! thanks
  2. Focus RS Performance
    Hello! I need some help deciding what my next step is for my build would be. Currently installed: CPE stage 2 RMM Borla ATAK catback ets charge pipes ets FMIC CPE catless downpipe NGK sparkplugs AEM air filter NX2 Big turbo Snow Performance Boost Cooler (Water/Meth) This is everything...
  3. Focus RS Builds
    I like building my own motors so I didn't want to buy someone's short block. I also wanted the proven strength of the closed-deck ST block, with the displacement of the RS. The ST block is a straight bolt-in to the RS drivetrain and will work with our head with mods by Panda. I think this is...
1-3 of 3 Results