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  1. Focus RS Australia
    Hey Guys after info to what battery replacement you guys have used to replace the factory varta battery in the RS. Thanks Matt
  2. Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Hello I drive a 2017 rs. I have simple bolt on mods on it currently (no tune). I took it to shop to get a downpipe put on. We unplugged the battery and it was unplugged for awhile. We went to go start the car after putting it back together and it started flashing all of these codes on the...
  3. Focus RS Maintenance
    Hey all, Searched a bit and didn't find anything conclusive, so asking braintrust here. My battery is showing 55% charge state via OBDRS app, and auto start/stop is no longer working. I don't think I've ever seen the battery higher than 70% since I bought that app about 6 months ago. Car is 11...
1-3 of 3 Results