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  1. Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    The nature of this post is more of an inquiry Bought the Stones for the last event of the season to try and win it all so I'm going in blind I ran the RT660's this year autocrossing. These tires did very well for me on this car as I am currently tied for first in the Rocky Mountain Solo...
  2. Sold Sold Sold
    Hello, I am selling my uninstalled SuperPro Bushings. I have the following part numbers: SPF2323K SPF2324K SPF2325K SPF2326K SPF3370K SPF3115K Located in Hawaii. I can use a flat rate box to send. These bushings are the set for the front lower control arms, rear lower control arms, and rear...
  3. Focus RS Suspension
    I am preparing my RS for B Street in AutoX for next year and want the lightest, stiffest front sway bar. What are the recommended options? What is the weight of the stock front anti-sway bar?
1-3 of 4 Results