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  1. Aussie rs owner club Brisbane qld

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    Any rs owners in Brisbane or surrounds looking to catch up do coffee n cars on weekends.. Track days.. fit ups etc 8ET3R
  2. RSVIC's NB '16 Build Thread (Australia)

    Focus RS Builds
    Just passed 2 years of ownership and I thought I would finally start a build thread :wink-new:. To set the scene, this is a car I am enjoying driving every day and therefore it is not built for the track and the intention is for the car to look almost completely stock from the outside. Below...
  3. WA dealer pre-order

    Focus RS Australia
    Hi guys. I'm new to the forum. I currently drive an old Fiesta ST and I am thinking of getting a Focus RS maybe sometime next year (hopefully). I would just like some advice on which dealers are commended. I live in WA Perth. Can anyone recommend a dealer that offer great pricing and service...