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  1. Focus RS Purchasing
    We have just received another RS allocation here at Town Ford in East Wenatchee. Let me know if you would like to have it with all of the specs you are after. Shoot me a message on here if interested. Thanks, Nathan
  2. Focus RS Purchasing
    RS ALLOCATION AVAILABLE: Stealth Gray, Forged wheels with Sport Cup 2 tires, winter wheel package on side, Moon roof, and RS2 - basically fully loaded. Pricing will be negotiable. 1K deposit to buy and hold until delivery. Car produced MAY 3 and this date was confirmed. Hondru Ford Located in...
  3. Focus RS Purchasing
    Hi Everyone, I am not a dealer, just a fellow prospective RS owner...Approximately one week ago, I put in an unallocated order with a small dealership here in VA and hoping for the best... Today I was called by two dealerships that got allocations for a 2016 RS, both selling @ MSRP. So...
  4. Focus RS Purchasing
    So i put an order in with a dealership near me on the first day the order banks opened. I was assured i would be getting a car since i placed the order so early.I also gave them a $500 deposit refundable of course. Months go by and i find this forum with good information on it and i am reading...
  5. Focus RS Purchasing
    I've been doing a lot of calling and stopping by dealerships in my quest for an RS at or below MSRP. Many of the dealers I've run across that claim to have allocations are trying to get some pretty high mark-up on these things. A couple have even joked that they're going to let them sit in the...
  6. Focus RS Purchasing
    Not that I don't trust the dealerships sales folks, but is there a way to confirm their allocation numbers and/or determine how many they have left. Also, please PM me if you know of MSRP dealers in CA (ideally bay area) and please don't respond in this thread with "I know dealer X is charging...
1-7 of 8 Results