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  1. FS: Unmarried Cobb AP3 and New Wastegate Actuator

    Parts for Sale
    I sold my RS and now I'm selling my Cobb Accessport ($450) and Waste gate actuator($75) + shipping. I will accept PayPal or local pick up (Jacksonville, FL).
  2. (SOLD) Used Cobb Accessport v3 for Ford Focus by Mountune - $450

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    A. Item for sale/trade (model, specs, etc.): COBB Accessport V3 ECU Flasher - Ford Focus RS B. Condition: Used (was coupled to my car, and has now been uncoupled) - includes original box, AP, cables, and off the shelf tunes from Cobb and Mountune (2017, 91 oct) C. Price/What you want to trade...
  3. (SOLD) Cobb AP - unmarried with Cobb & Tune+ maps

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    I bought this and with the issues people are having I'm just too timid to risk voiding my warranty. If I tune at all I will be going the FP route. The AP will come with everything that came in the box, plastic still on the screen. I'm at work at the moment, but I can update with...
  4. (SOLD) Cobb Accessport $460 Shipped CONUS

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    SOLD Hi all, I'm offering up my Cobb AP after deciding to keep the RS stock (for now). I bought this from James @ HRI Tuning. I left his custom TUNE+ tune on there - see this thread for some background...
  5. SCT X4 vs Cobb AP?

    Focus RS Performance
    Has anyone used the SCT X4? Lots of information on the COBB AP V3 but nothing on the SCT here. Are there any certified SCT tuners in NorCal? Trying to save a few bucks so I can afford tires. You know how that goes. Thanks in advance!
  6. JST Performance Official Intro Thread!

    JST Performance
    Hi guys, I'd like to officially say hello to everyone from! We've been around the Ecoboost community for a little while now and have finally decided to further our business by officially joining the new as a supporting Vendor. We've successfully tuned Hundreds of ecoboost...
  7. COBB Accessport Now Available at RRTmotorsports (1/4 mile results!)

    Focus RS Performance
    Some of you might know me from DSMs and Evo's, my Evo has run a personal best of [email protected] recently and we're just getting warmed up this year! As fun as 4G63's are we are always excited to make anything fast so we picked up a Nitrous Blue Focus RS.. We took her to the track on a fairly warm...