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  1. Highly intrested/looking to purchase 2018 LE in Canada

    Focus RS Purchasing
    Hi All. I have been eyeing a focus RS ever since they came out, and it looks like 2018 is the year to get. However, pricing in the Canadian market has been ridiculous, ranging at $58K-$62K CDN + tax. It looks like there are quite a few 18's still on lots in Ontario/across Canada, and several...
  2. 2018 Spoiler Logo Inlay Coming Off

    Focus RS Appearance
    Hello all, first time posting here, first question... Recently purchased the 2018 RS and the second time washing it I must have caught one of the logo inlays on the spoiler with a micro fiber cloth. That's the factory blue inlay on a black spoiler. Now it's lifting up on the bottom corner of...
  3. Just ordered a New Race Red RS 2018

    Focus RS Purchasing
    Hi everyone I just ordered a Race Red Ford Focus 2018 RS to go along with my other car; have to get rid of my S2000 though :uncomfortableness:
  4. Build date, etc. for my 2018 NB RS :)

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hello All, I put down a deposit on July 10 for a 2018 Focus RS in Nitrous Blue with a moonroof, and also threw in the winter tire and wheel package and the car cover (everything but the Cup tires). Got it all at MSRP. My dealer emailed me yesterday with a build week: 8/7/17. He says we should...