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  1. Thinking of getting a 17/18 RS. Long term thoughts?

    Focus RS Purchasing
    Hey all, I just sold my 2007 GTI, and have been interested in the RS for quite sometime. My father is telling me I'm crazy considering a 2017 due to the HG issues and the fact that the 2018s have updates with suspension and stuff. The 2018s are still a little high on the price end. Day to day...
  2. Cygnus Leader damaged

    Focus RS Discussions
    Those waiting for the next shipment of 2018 RS's (myself included) are looking at a delay. Cygnus Leader was at Bremerhaven, where it broke off its moorings due to a storm and sustained damage when it collided into another ship. The good news is that none of our cars are on it yet, as Zeebrugge...
  3. Build date, etc. for my 2018 NB RS :)

    Focus RS Discussions
    Hello All, I put down a deposit on July 10 for a 2018 Focus RS in Nitrous Blue with a moonroof, and also threw in the winter tire and wheel package and the car cover (everything but the Cup tires). Got it all at MSRP. My dealer emailed me yesterday with a build week: 8/7/17. He says we should...
  4. Hello from NYC! Waiting on my 2018 RS :D

    'Allo. I've been lurking this forum for months and just joined. I've been living in Manhattan for about 7 years (moved here to pursue my career, which has worked out quite nicely) and have been without my own car ever since. I spent the last couple of years agonizing over what car to get next...