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  1. West / West Coast Owners
    Recently purchased this 2017 nitrous blue Focus RS from the west hills honda dealer in Washington. It's heavily modified and built for track use. Bigger precision turbo, second fuel rail and injectors with additional injector controller, high pressure fuel pump, upgraded cam shafts (?), Short...
  2. Focus RS TroubleShooting
    I'm trying to remove the passenger and driver side weatherstrip - door belt, so I can wrap the b and c pillars in vinyl. Does anyone have any information on this? Back ones are easy you just pull up.
  3. Sold Sold Sold
    A. 17' Focus RS Headlights B. 17km's / 10miles on the clock when they were replaced with aftermarket headlights. C. $1500 AUD for both - Negotiable (Shipping & Import tax is a b*tch) D. Sydney, Australia. E. Hey guys, new to the forum's but have been getting busy on my Instagram and on...
  4. Cars For Sale
    Selling my Focus RS. The car is flawless. Just bought an M3 and can't have both. 2017 Focus RS Frozen White RS2 Package no sunroof Base wheels with PSS 100% stock Always garaged Like new condition 12,xxx miles Located in Chicago Asking $31,999 Thanks!
  5. Focus RS Photos and Videos
    sorry no posts in a while, flat out with life fitted mountune m380 kit recently! amazing and love it! ---- - better sound (intake, turbo whistle) - i didnt need or use the SSC, no whistle at idle etc, i like all the noises i hear - i didnt remove the sounded deadening under bonnet, as FLIR...
  6. Focus RS Discussions
    Hi Everyone, I just got a new 2017 RS recently and I think we all can agree that the exhaust system sounds great as it is, but Ford obviously had to meet regulatory requirements. I want people to know I'm coming a 1/4 mile away and the other system they offer just doesn't cut it. The dealers...
  7. Introductions
    Hello everyone, new forum member and new RS owner. My Beauty is a Beast in a plain white wrapper! Two months into this thing and I couldn't be happier with my car. Heading out to FPRS at the end of September for good times, useful information and to network with other owners. I'll send more...
  8. Focus RS Purchasing
    I've been doing a lot of calling and stopping by dealerships in my quest for an RS at or below MSRP. Many of the dealers I've run across that claim to have allocations are trying to get some pretty high mark-up on these things. A couple have even joked that they're going to let them sit in the...
  9. Focus RS Photos and Videos
    The stuff told me that the yellow colour will replace the grey in 2017.
1-9 of 10 Results