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  1. Focus RS Appearance
    I have a 2017 RS still pretty much stock don’t plan on doing any go fast mods till my warranty is up. Wanted to do something different. I been doing some reading and looking on this kit. I can’t seem to find anything or anyone talking about installing it. I’m in the market for a wide body kit...
  2. Focus RS Purchasing
    Hi , as you can see I’m a vw driver. But I have mad respect for the RS ! I’m posting this for my son. He crashed and totaled his 17 rs. Left side raked from front fender to rear fender, body and pillar damage around doors is severe. The car protected him very well and he walked away from a...
  3. Cars For Sale
    What's up folks! Some life changes are leading me to make a change I'm really bummed about, time to sell the RS. Pretty firm on $32k asking price. CarGurus Listing (more photos):
  4. Sold Sold Sold
    A. 17' Focus RS Headlights B. 17km's / 10miles on the clock when they were replaced with aftermarket headlights. C. $1500 AUD for both - Negotiable (Shipping & Import tax is a b*tch) D. Sydney, Australia. E. Hey guys, new to the forum's but have been getting busy on my Instagram and on...
  5. Cars For Sale
    Selling my Focus RS. The car is flawless. Just bought an M3 and can't have both. 2017 Focus RS Frozen White RS2 Package no sunroof Base wheels with PSS 100% stock Always garaged Like new condition 12,xxx miles Located in Chicago Asking $31,999 Thanks!
  6. Focus RS Purchasing
    Hey all, I just sold my 2007 GTI, and have been interested in the RS for quite sometime. My father is telling me I'm crazy considering a 2017 due to the HG issues and the fact that the 2018s have updates with suspension and stuff. The 2018s are still a little high on the price end. Day to day...
1-6 of 6 Results