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  1. WTB: Instrument Cluster Mask

    Parts Wanted
    Yes should be the same as an ST and if it’s just the bezel should be the same all the way back past Mk3, I have one from an ST that I was playing with, I removed and used the blue needles, but the bezel is kinda scratched up. It was like $20 on eBay...the whole cluster except the LCD board is...
  2. SD RS owners want to meet up?

    West / West Coast Owners
    Not going to be many on a Monday-Wednesday? Where r u? We can do some canyon cruising...
  3. O2 sensor

    Focus RS Discussions
    yeah that one is a biatch... Throwing lean codes?... the O2 Ford wrench might be best as well...I had a couple of different styles and finally got one to work Kinda hard to get it on square Some extensions, floppy head and patience Intake and battery box off yes. Cowl would help too, I ended...
  4. LED Light Bar/Rally/Aux/Driving Lights Megathread

    Focus RS Lighting
    Kinda confused.... It lists a pre order que for 15 Sep 19. How much is the deposit they speak of, $799? or is that the total? or is it $799 deposit of?
  5. Stratified Tune No Pops and Crackels !!??

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    The base files from most etuners are locked and limited. Most are boost and toruque limited. They want to see a set of pull data before they start adding tuning features. Follow your tuners instructions, get the data pulled to him and it’ll all get sorted. You’ll prolly do 3 or more revisions...
  6. E30 Mixing?

    Focus RS Performance
    If you’re thinking you are going to self tune an e30 tune on this platforms tuning method having no real prior experience other than the online course, god bless you. Ive done some open source tuning on the subies and the RS method with torque targets is WAY more complicated. I’d at least...
  7. San Diego RS Owners

    West / West Coast Owners
    Anything going on this weekend?
  8. Horn doesn't work

    Focus RS Discussions
    Have you checked all the fuses? Not sure which is the horn fuse location, but need to start some where? Horns are located behind the front bumper, mounted on the crash bar. I replaced mine when I had it off, there is a plug connector for each side, unlikely both came can unplug...
  9. Custom Titanium and CF Skid Plate

    Focus RS Performance
    I was able to obtain a 'Shimmer' produced Titanium, 0.032 thick, Grade 5 Aerospace quality with ARP CF NACA ducts Skid plate. He produced a Ti skid plate for an OE set up, but I have installed a TB under torsion bar and wanted something that was compatible, even if I had to fab a little...
  10. Underbody Rock Guard

    Focus RS TroubleShooting Nutron Front Undertray Thread
  11. Quick Update

    Focus RS Discussions
    So bad to hear, gut wrenching, I pound around on those same roads, saw a deer way off the other night I was out there on De Luz. I feel for you.
  12. Quick Update

    Focus RS Discussions
    De Luz canyon area on the San Diego /Riverside county line area is crazy, you loose all Navi, no communication on crazy ass mountain roads prolly ranges 1000-3000ft, really dark gets foggy, it’s very disorienting. A lot of creek spillways cross the road. Front splitter busting is you don’t...
1-12 of 12 Results