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  1. Recirculation valve doesnt make sounds ??

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    You'll need to at least swap the air filter to get any kind of sound. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  2. Novice Track Day Advice/Prep

    Focus RS Racing
    I just want to mention that if you are using a HANS device, you will need the Quickfit PRO, which is designed specifically for it. That said, this being a "Novice trackday advice" thread, I would say skip all this and stick with the OEM seat belt and focus on the line and your surroundings...
  3. Novice Track Day Advice/Prep

    Focus RS Racing
    I tracked the car with the regular belt for the 1st year, then did a seat belt lock (CG Lock) for 2 trackdays, then got the Quickfit. The CG lock definitely helped keeping me in place but the design was not really meant to accommodate our thicker than usual belt latches. Also, being on the...
  4. Ford Parts UK

    Focus RS Discussions
    Saw that too, so maybe he was able to verify it. I ordered the cup holder using his website (added to cart, checked out and picked the "international shipping" option). He later sent me an e-mail and paypal invoice, which started the conversation about the arm rest. After some back and forth...
  5. LED Light Bar/Rally/Aux/Driving Lights Megathread

    Focus RS Lighting
    Would be interested in what you think. From the pics, it looked like the lights were a little too low and throws light below the sight line to be useful.
  6. WRC style hood vents?

    Focus RS Appearance
    From what I've read, its a huge PITA to install. The area of the hood that it goes on has more structural sheet metal in that area and requires more cutting compared to the regular vents (which only cuts 1 layer). On top of that, there isn't an easy and clear way to mount, so it will require...
  7. Asphalt Black or Speed Silver? Podium or Chicane? Which Set of Fifteen52 Wheels is Better?
    I love both wheels, but I can't help but think about the Impala when looking at the Chicanes...
  8. WRC style hood vents?

    Focus RS Appearance
    Only if its made out of Carbotanium ;)
  9. WRC style hood vents?

    Focus RS Appearance
    Ya, I've gone thru the same exercise and unfortunately, only Airtec is producing this style vent for our car. I ended up picking function and practicality in the end and ended up going with the Verus. My heart is still with the Airtecs tho lol
  10. RS Compatible 17" Wheels Thread

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    It looks like you can actually order directly from Braid: The main thing was shipping I believe. Braid USA told me that they only order every quarter to save on shipping. They do one large bulk shipment every quarter to 6 mos instead, which was why...
  11. RS Compatible 17" Wheels Thread

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    Not sure about Oz, but I bought mine thru Braid USA/Team Illuminata. I know they also ship to Canada, but not sure about any other countries. Perhaps try searching for the Australian Braid dealer? Found these guys after a quick google...
  12. How to: Oil change

    Focus RS Maintenance
    I have. Actually won a case in a local groups raffle haha. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  13. lightweight battery replacement

    Focus RS Performance
    so helpful, thank you!
  14. Roof Rack

    Focus RS Accessories
    No, not silly at all, most definitely try to use clear bra, even if the roof rack has the rubber pads/feet. Any dirt or grit that sticks or gets trapped between the pads and the paint will leave fine scratch marks (ask how I know lol) I actually used some left over blue vinyl I had lying around...
  15. lightweight battery replacement

    Focus RS Performance
    Bumping this thread since I'm now looking for places to reduce weight with the addition of skid plates. Figured the battery would be the easiest place to start. Any options out there that keep the stock battery box? Not too keen on the small battery trays (MeLe, Grimmspeed, etc.) since I...
  16. Want to buy an RS

    Focus RS Purchasing
    funny enough, I actually bought my car new in NV, mainly because that was the only dealer who offered me $1k less than MSRP vs everybody else in my area selling for $3k-$5k mark-up. Driving over the Sierras in Feb with brand new PSSs made the trip extra... "fun" lol
  17. Litchfield and KW's 2 mode reviews?

    Focus RS Suspension
  18. DMG NACA duct skid plate interference

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Interesting. I recall @swagopopotamus having a similar issue when I sold him my DMG skid plate. Didn't have the issue with my car (ETS pipes) so I wonder if its the pipes or the way it mounts on some cars... Also, shame on this "reputable" shop. That thing was clearly interfering to wear...
  19. Stratified Tune No Pops and Crackels !!??

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Very happy with my Stratified tune (I actually have bought 2 from them now). I've had a somewhat similar issue, but not quite as the OP described. Also, I should mention that I have the "flash" tune (and a version update) and not a custom tune. On both occasions, right when I flash the tune...
  20. Fixes for Bumper Plastic Liners

    Focus RS Maintenance
    I've used this stuff before to repair some broken tabs on plastic bumpers. Pretty straight forward, but takes some time and ALOT of sanding. I've since learned to be a...
1-20 of 75 Results