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  1. Recirculation valve doesnt make sounds ??

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Between 2nd and 3rd line is normal. The highest I've seen the gauge is just below the 3rd mark or about 23 psi. The stock ECU targets torque not boost so boost will vary. Boost is also limited in 1st and 2nd gears. Boost will also change with air temperature. For example cold air will result in...
  2. Custom Emroidered Build No. Arm Rest

    Focus RS Appearance
    @jjameson that looks awesome!! Now your RS is totally unique. Nice Avatar pic as well.
  3. Recirculation valve doesnt make sounds ??

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    You'll definitely hear more bypass valve sounds as well when you remove the hood liner.
  4. Recirculation valve doesnt make sounds ??

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Remove your hood liner. It's super super easy to remove and replace. Just squeeze the clips and with a light pull they will release. To replace they just snap back in. I guarantee you will GREATLY increase your induction noise.
  5. Re-Tune after Catback exhaust? Is it worth it or needed?

    Focus RS Performance
    Yeah I don't believe a tune is needed for that. If it was a downpipe then for sure. But that said if you bought the lifetime tune then may as well go for a re-tune, can't hurt.
  6. Transmission replaced and two driveshafts later.

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    All seasons and bolt-ons including an upgraded stock RMM with a powerflex bushing. No tune? You use launch control often? The fact that the transmission was replaced (why was that?) and then you blow two driveshafts... that seems sketchy. With the fact that dealers OFTEN mess up mehanical...
  7. Current tuners for the RS

    Focus RS Performance
    They have the MyCal touch now. I think it's actually nicer then the Accessport BUT yes you are committed to Livernois as they're the only RS tuners using it. Also no flat foot shifting or map change on the fly, as far as I know.
  8. Wiper slows down

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    I know when the window is too dry the wipers slow down, I figured from the friction of the blade against the window....
  9. Current tuners for the RS

    Focus RS Performance
    I'm current considering two tuners. Mountune and Livernois. Both seem to have a deeper insight into the Ecoboost platform. Livernois does engine tuning for Ford and GM. Mountune has been tuning the RS platform for some time now as well as rally cars. Livernois uses the Mycal touch which has...
  10. Does High flow cat throw codes?

    Focus RS Discussions To run E30 you need an intercooler, an E30 tune and a fall back 91/93 (whatever your local fuel) tune as well as an ethanol tester. You'll be mixing E85 with 91/93 to create E30, using an E30 calculator found on the internet. E30 and methanol...
  11. Boost level

    Focus RS Performance
    I was browsing some old Focusrs posts and read that Livernois did indeed limit boost in 1st gear just as the stock tunes does.
  12. Water Methanol or Nitrous Injection

    Focus RS Performance
    I believe they retrofit a kit directly to the stock intake manifold. That Mountune alloy manifold is a sweet piece of kit no doubt! Seems a little sturdier then the plastic stock one for sure. Also nice it has a pre threaded ports and an extra port for a real boost gauge.
  13. Water Methanol or Nitrous Injection

    Focus RS Performance
    I inquired to Livernois Motorsports and they said that the stock intake manifold has very poor fluid distribution capabilities so they recommend direct port Methanol injection. That includes 4 individual nozzles. So injection prior to to the intake manifold by one or two nozzles was not...
  14. Stealth Grey or Frozen White?

    Focus RS Discussions
    Stealth Gray is a better color all around. Great for hiding dirt and not white (I hate white vehicles, triggers me bigtime 🤪). White seems to be all the rage for vehicles in general :rolleyes:. That said, I believe the white RS is quite a rare beast indeed....
  15. Boost level

    Focus RS Performance
    I know that in stock form the ECU regulates torque in 1st and 2nd gears and part of that is boost control. Also as the air temperature and density change boost levels also change, colder air means less boost is needed to hit torque targets. With a tune, that changes of course. Livernois tunes...
  16. Weathertech - front and cargo mats - lightly used

    Parts for Sale
    Payment sent.
  17. Wheel well edge guard for rust protection

    Focus RS Discussions
    Finally got around to getting the trim on the wheel well edge. Touched up the chips first. I also put the trim only on the edge of the sheet metal, the rest is plastic. I prefer the look without the edge trim but as on my prior Focus the paint would of chipped then flaked off and rusted. Now...
  18. New Canadian RS

    The rat fur engine undertray is not fit for winter. Before mine filled with slush, sagged and then tore off like many others, I took mine off and coated it 2x each side with fiberglass resin. It held up quite well throughout winter
  19. "auto start/stop malfunction, manual restart required"

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Yup I ended up sitting through a street light cycle to the dismay of traffic behind me... felt like amatuer hour. Lol. I was pissed but laughed after. It was like I was stuck in a feedback cycle. Stalled out a few times over. I absolutely hate that auto start/stop. If I tune the car that's...
1-20 of 94 Results