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  1. The Official Nitrous Blue Thread

    Focus RS Photos and Videos
    Had a local photographer take some shots and WOW! My car has never looked so good!
  2. DSC Sport: Active Suspension Controller for KW DDC Now Available!

    Focus RS Suspension
    Yeah I did get a file. I can send it to you if you want, or you could contact Harris at DSC. It did make normal a bit softer like the stock KW's. I did end up selling the controller after a few months as I wanted to kick-start my built longblock fund, and I was happy with the KW's on their own...
  3. High Milage Owners, Feedback Needed

    Focus RS Discussions
    I noticed a lot of the rattles my car had, died down when I installed coilovers. I have bought some foam tape to start adding it to the inside of the panels that start rattling.
  4. FS: IL: RS Parts: Mountune, Mishimoto, Muteki, Panda, Boomba, Continental

    Parts for Sale
    GLWS! Lots of interesting things
1-4 of 4 Results