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  1. The Official how many Miles/Kilometres have you put on your FoRS thread?

    Focus RS Discussions
    I bought my RS about 4 months ago with 8,700 miles on the odometer. As of today I now have 16,3xx miles on it. It's so damn fun to drive I keep racking up miles....might be time for a prius or miata to daily drive to keep the value decent!
  2. Intercooler upgrade reccomendations

    Focus RS Australia
    I would highly recommend the ETS 4" (or 5" if you're okay with cutting the bumper a bit) and the ETS charge pipes. I could not be happier with my charge temp results!
  3. Drop your ETS Intercooler pics and results! Im curious to see how the ETS intercooler is treating everyone else!

    Focus RS Accessories
    Since installing the ETS 4" intercooler (anodized black...obviously) and wrinkle black coated ETS charge pipes, ive been seeing charge temps as low as 1-2 degrees above ambient temperature! I'm still working with JST to hone in my tune to get the most out of the upgrade, but I can already feel...
  4. RS Compatible 18" wheels thread

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    I have Konig Ampliform in bronze 18x8.5 +43 with 235/40r18 tires. I also have Eibach lowering springs and Eibach 20mm spacers on all four corners. Fit is perfect and no rubbing! Enough height to get into driveways, low enough to close the wheel gap!
  5. The Official Frozen White Thread

    Focus RS Photos and Videos
    Love love love the Frozen White at sunset. Also peep the bronze Konig Ampliforms against the white, I really like the color combo idk about you guys.
  6. 2017 Focus RS (RS2 package) in Frozen White

    Hello all! I've looked through these forums when i first got my RS, but I just joined the .org! My name is Reid, I'm a 21 year old mechanical engineering student from California! A few months ago someone hit me in my 2012 WRX hatchback (was mostly built, was bout to drop in a IAG stage 2 block)...
1-6 of 6 Results