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  1. Risks of purchasing a NEW MY2017 RS in 2018...

    Focus RS Purchasing
    I bought mine for 4K under sticker how I wanted except it did have the Cup 2's. Mine was built in July of 17 and is at the tail end of the HG coverage. Honestly with used prices being what they are and how I wanted to go to the RS academy it was a no brainer going this route, although if I could...
  2. RS Adrenaline Academy has new 2019 dates open

    Focus RS Events
    A.lange & Sohne Datograph, don't own one, yet :)
  3. RS Adrenaline Academy has new 2019 dates open

    Focus RS Events
    Most likely doing May 19th to also tie in the FRS. It was worth it last time when I went to the Octane academy.
  4. All the Cars I Convinced People Not to Buy in 2018

    So this leads me to a dilemma, what is my next car if I find the RS is not hardcore enough lol
  5. A major flaw in the car industry that no one ever thinks about.

    Focus RS Discussions
    This is one thread that makes you ponder and really question as to why you purchase something like the RS in the first place. I look at all the things mentioned, potential power, design vs completion, and so forth but I came to the realization that anything short of a 458 Speciale won't be...
  6. Ford rumored to be working on a Fiesta RS, but not for U.S.

    Fiesta RS
    Same here, I was working for a Ford dealer at the time, asked the GM if we could do sticker straight up said no lol. 2 years later picked one up 3k under MSRP, way better then 10K over. Worth the wait, and actually bought a FiST to hold me over when I couldn't get a decent deal and getting bored...
  7. Ready to buy a leftover 2017, but is it worth waiting to see if Ford will offer incen

    Focus RS Purchasing
    Contemplating picking up a left over if I can find decent deals, as long as I don't have to deal with mark up at this point I will be happy :) I'm searching some used as a possibility to see what is out there but the used market seems pretty strong as well.
  8. Focus RS Vs. Shelby GT500, how big is the difference?

    Focus RS Performance
    This is one of those threads when reading my brain starts to hurt. The realization always becomes apparent when people think pushing the envelope is easier said then done. The true question still remains though, basing vehicle performance solely on specs and potential makes me wonder why one...
  9. New member from Boston

    Congrats and welcome. You made an excellent choice :)
  10. What is your favorite road to drive?

    Focus RS Discussions
    I have done many road trips with the road being the focus. My most memorable was when I traveled the BRP and crossed out to the dragon then hit up VIR for an Ariel Atom experience on my way back :) My favorite though is hard to say as I have luxury of living in an area with so many different...
  11. Engagement Watch

    @Racer_X This is why I wanted to inform everyone :) It's known in the watch world and shouldn't be forgotten.
  12. Engagement Watch

    I'm with you and the classic Moonwatch will someday be in my collection. I just can't argue a ceramic case and an outstanding movement for something I'm looking at to represent a lifetime. I also love the color contrast along with the hue of the ceramic and the luminescent inlaid on the...
  13. Engagement Watch

    That's right, she gets a ring and you get a watch. An age old tradition that some how got lost. A good point to those who have a significant other that thinks anything under 1.5 carats is miniscule and doesn't understand the term triple excellent or fluorescents will never matter. Craftsmanship...
  14. Senseless Pursuit of RDU Cooling

    Focus RS Performance
    Yes but that does kind of defer the purpose of a sensor for protection. Like I stated above PTU's fail, it's very common for them to spew oil or have bearing fail from overheating. So being able to push the vehicle further isn't the best idea when the PTU is seeing excessive heat.
  15. New Ford Performance RS exhaust showed up on the site..

    Focus RS Performance
    And I quote "Any modified exhaust" as the law reads. Shiny tips, fail, Upgraded hangers, fail (kidding but wouldn't doubt it) . LOL being such an open ended law I wouldn't doubt it, we are not allowed to have nice things in MA.
  16. New Ford Fiesta ST to be revealed this Friday

    Sadly no and it will take a bit for the aftermarket to catch up. I believe this is the first implementation of the 1.5 as a performance engine. The 1.6 is a monster and can make 300whp all day with fuel being it's restrictor. The aftermarket didn't really make this engine amazing though, it is...
  17. Limited Slip Diff install

    Focus RS Performance
    I'm having a bit of trouble with thinking how this adds understeer on the RS. There will be a bit more weight up front but it shouldn't matter. You will still have TQ vectoring at hand as well so this should negate the negatives of a LSD. The other thing to consider is why or where would this...
  18. Subaru WRX Refresh, Not Complete Redesign, Reportedly Coming for 2018

    Focus RS vs The Competition
    There are many things running through my head. This is unfathomable to say the least and I'm not sure how a company can do this. I do remember when the last WRX came out and received a huge engine upgrade, it was almost on par in terms of speed with the STI. That round of updates was hard enough...
  19. Rear Wiper Activates in Reverse

    Focus RS Discussions
    There was something like a 150+ page thread on the FoST forum about little Easter eggs like this with the ST. A lot of random kind of neat features when you start to dig in and get to know the vehicle.
  20. 2018 Fiesta

    Fiesta RS
    Bought a FiST :) 1000 miles and counting. Intake and Tune+ along with winter mode in waiting so far. I got tired of waiting which may have been a blessing is disguise as I started a new job and my commute changed to a very boring 10 minutes with 11 hour days. I realized it was very boring in the...
1-20 of 487 Results