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  1. Failed/Leaking Head Gasket Resource Thread

    Focus RS Discussions
  2. Failed/Leaking Head Gasket Resource Thread

    Focus RS Discussions
    Please add me to the list: Screen name: 14RRST Symptoms/when did you notice issue?: Missing on cold startup, smell of coolant in exhaust, lowering coolant level (~1" in 3 days), threw a CEL. Mileage when issue confirmed:14875 VIN (last 4 digits): 5626 Modifications (what are they) or stock...
  3. How much should I really pay for a Fiesta ST?

    We got one fully loaded for around $21,850. Sticker was $26,600. My region had a $3k rebate, I used X-plan which only dropped the price another $250 or so, and also used a $500 military rebate. Then I talked them down another $1k. The car is Spice Orange Metallic with Recaros, Nav, ebony...
  4. The Official Oil Thread

    Focus RS Discussions
    Thought I'd post the results of my first used oil analysis (UOA) from my last oil change. I ran Castrol 0W-40 for the winter and I can comfortably say that I will not use it again. First, my catch can was nearly full and I drained about 3 oz of water and 8 oz of oil/gas mixture. I was already...
  5. Cobb APV3 Map Switching and Mounting

    Focus RS Performance
    Awesome, thank you guys!
  6. Cobb APV3 Map Switching and Mounting

    Focus RS Performance
    With the new revision out with map switching, how do you switch maps using the steering wheel controls? I've looked on the forum and Google and can't find what I'm looking for. Cobb has some CC assignments on their website but the buttons are not the same on the RS. I tried all the CC buttons...
  7. PCM, BCM update - recall, your results

    Focus RS Discussions
    My RS was in for the PTU input seal leak, new driver's seat frame, and both recalls. Also had a bad all-season tire they did a road force balance on. Everything is done except for the BCM, which is now bricked. Looks like I'm in line like everyone else. Hopefully they don't use the lottery...
  8. Blue "Green Filter" Air Filter Group Buy

    Focus RS Shop
    Yep, mine's a shade of purplish gray now.
  9. The Oil Catch Can Thread

    Focus RS Performance
    @RSPECTED, you can direct it to atmosphere. It's an option with the Damond Motorsports can. My install went well. I'm working out a deal with DMS on providing all the specs, details, and photos of the install, so I can't spoil the fun just yet. Once things are hammered out or they say no...
  10. Unable to edit email in profile

    Community Help
    I have a new email address. Went to change it here and the Save button is unresponsive. I tried both Chrome and MS Edge. Same response.
  11. TSW Nurburgring

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    If you're in upstate NY, you should not be driving the RS in the winter. Buy a beater with snows and put the RS on jackstands under a cover. I lived there for 5 years outside Saratoga. I know. That's what I did with my '05 GTO.
  12. Cool Tech - Engine Oil Cooler Update

    Focus RS Performance
    So can we talk about optimum oil temperature for a moment? The RS uses a water to oil "cooler" to also help heat the oil to optimum oil temperature relatively quicky. Oil at the proper temperature lubricates better and has less frictional drag on cylinders and bearings, which also results in...
  13. TSW Nurburgring

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    Discount Tire Direct.
  14. What did you get in the mail today?

    Focus RS Discussions
    Can you double check that 60.325? My TSW's are 59.868. I may be interested, depending on price.
  15. Noobie here - Tools needed for winter/summer tire swap

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    You may want to invest in the TPMS programmer if you plan on keeping the car for a while. My wife also has the FiST and we both have winter sets. I reeeeaaaalllly need to get one of these. It's just not convenient for me to have to drive them to the dealer.
  16. Blue "Green Filter" Air Filter Group Buy

    Focus RS Shop
    I got mine and installed it the other day. Only mods I had were the Mountune filter (looks like a K&N but with Mountune branding) and COBB AP3, which I've been working on with Mr. Robles. The two filters are very similar. I'd say the inner cone is not as deep on the blue Green filter, but the...
  17. The Oil Catch Can Thread

    Focus RS Performance
    I just ordered the Damond Motorsports CC today. It's not currently listed and still in development (pretty sure I'm part of that development :-/ ). I'll post a write-up on installation with pics probably next weekend.
  18. Gentex Mirrors for the RS

    Focus RS Accessories
    The 313 has worked well for me both in the FiST and the FoRS.
  19. ST 18" wheels for RS?

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    Assume zero space without spacers. I'd go 10mm to allow for wheel flex and debris.
  20. TSW Nurburgring

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    Lug nuts are anodized blue from SickSpeed. They are steel, have their own key for all the lugs and are heptagonal (7 sided). Anodization is thin but you can't see where it's coming off.
1-20 of 179 Results