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  1. Set of Used Michelin Super Sports - Bay Area

    Parts for Sale
    Still available? PM sent
  2. Just bought a Focus RS!

    Thanks so much for the replies everyone! Just put 1500 miles on it since purchase last Wednesday haha. Regarding an ECU tune, I don't have an access port to check how many times the ECU was flashed, but I will say it feels much faster than some of the stock RS's I've test driven over the past...
  3. Just bought a Focus RS!

    Thank you! that may be true actually, makes sense since both purchases are in mid to late 2017, Obsession is a good way of owning this car haha, can't stop driving it it's amazing!
  4. Just bought a Focus RS!

    Hi! just bought my Focus RS on Wednesday (3 days ago as of this posting) and wanted to introduce myself on this forum! Ever since The focus was announced for the US market I've dreamed of owning and taking care of one and finally the dream came true, 5 years later lol. Put myself through a...
1-4 of 4 Results