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  1. New Ford Focus RS With Electric Rear Axle Could Have Over 400 HP

    Focus RS Discussions
    There’s no way this is coming to the US is there?
  2. My posts now need mod approval?

    Community Help
    It's been hot as hell last couple weeks lol
  3. My posts now need mod approval?

    Community Help
    The trick is to never expect them to be seamless :)
  4. My posts now need mod approval?

    Community Help
    I think it would effect a ton more users if this was the case across the board. So far three users Frank?
  5. Ford Focus RS exhaust on back of car

    Focus RS Discussions
    I had a white RS as well and never remember this happening. I would take good care of it and keep it waxed so maybe that’s why? I would get a significant amount of dirt on the hatch though just from the way air flows to it always.
  6. Roof lining sag

    Focus RS Discussions
    this happened to my ST as well and Ford fixed it under warranty
  7. Electric Ride-On Focus RS

    Focus RS Discussions
    Didn't get one since I sold the RS. Thinking of getting him this: Anyone have any Porsche suggestions?
  8. '18 with Stock turbo failure

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Good luck OP. I’m curious as to what exactly happened here.
  9. OEM Base Wheels don't fit

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    I believe those are MKII RS wheels. They're definitely not the part # you sent. Those are these...
  10. The official crashed RS thread

    Focus RS Discussions
    damn, sorry to see this. the footage is painful.
  11. Any crypto hodlers in the group?

    Wondering if crypto gets a run as a hedge to stocks taking a dump
  12. Purchasing A New 17 vs New 18 (Difference in Worth?)

    Focus RS Purchasing
    How sure are you that the september build 17s have HG and suspension done at the factory? If you're 100% I think it's a no brainer to go for a '17 at a big discount if you're planning to drive and enjoy the car and daily it. In the LONG run, the limited edition '18s WILL sell for a lot more. I'm...
  13. Ford Already Knows What it Wants in a Potential Edge RS

    Yes Frank, buy a truck. Come to the dark side :bowrofl:
  14. SCCA Champion Pro-Driver Lawrence Loshak drives my RS at Road America in the Rain!

    Focus RS Photos and Videos
    lol, that makes two of us buddy
  15. Hot Wheels Stamps Are Out, and They're Almost As Collectible as the Toys

    Love the truck but miss the RS quiet a bit :(
  16. Ufc / mma

    yeah basically this. I get why Conor does what he does before fights but he's usually pretty professional and respectful after fights. That was not the case here. I think Khabib is a freekin' animal deserving of the title but I'd be lying if I said I didn't lose some respect for him that night.
  17. Lost my passenger fog light bezel

    Focus RS Discussions
  18. 2017 RS dives right

    Focus RS Performance
    I'm gonna echo others in here in asking what PSI you're running your tires at?
  19. FS: A Few bits off my car that is now sold

    Parts for Sale
    Cobb AP and Oil have been spoken for. Induction hose and air filter left!
1-20 of 435 Results