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  1. has Thule Force L Roof Box on sale for $307.79.

    Focus RS Accessories
    Saw this on a deal site. Looks like a pretty good deal. However, shipping is steep but ship to store is free if you have a Rei near you. Sale is only good till 11/25/19 and is already on backorder. Link Measurements: Gear Capacity - 453-L Length - 6' 2" Width - 36" Height - 16.5" Weight - 39-LBs
  2. How old are you?

    Focus RS Discussions
    Just got my RS last week also and I'm 59 too. Went from driving a UPS truck for 31 years to a retired. The fastest thing I've ever owned was a 1992 Toyota Camry V6. I plan on enjoying my retirement.
  3. Welcome to the Focus RS Forum! Please post an introduction thread.

    Long time lurker, always wanted mustang GT when I retired. When these cars came out 2016 I started to notice how much more practical these where over a mustang. Watched all the Youtube videos and read about all the pro and cons of these cars. This last month I finally started asking questions...
  4. Want to buy an RS

    Focus RS Purchasing
    Did just that, bought a CPO car at a Ford Dealer with 2,700 miles. It has a build date of 11/17. Previous car I was looking at owner didn't seem thrilled I was sending a mechanic to look at. Paid $34,500 for a NB with RS2 package but with only 2,700 and being CPO it was worth it to me.
  5. Want to buy an RS

    Focus RS Purchasing
    Thanks! Best advice yet. I will do that. I should have thought of that. Anyone out there can you recommend a good company? I would prefer a company that actually goes to the owner.
  6. Want to buy an RS

    Focus RS Purchasing
    So, would you feel safe buying this car? Carfax is clean and it doesn't look it's been highly modified. It's a one owner car. He bought last year and has almost 13,000 miles. It has a COBB stage one+ carbon fiber package which includes a front motor mount to eliminate torque steer, carbon fiber...
  7. Want to buy an RS

    Focus RS Purchasing
    I have been wanting to buy an RS since they came out. However, putting my kids through college was more important. Kids graduated and now I have been in the hunt. I should also mention I am a long time lurker. I have gotten a wealth of information from this site. I have been looking on cargurus...
1-7 of 7 Results