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  1. Does my exhaust sound normal? Noise is louder after a year of ownership

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Valve can open in normal mode, it isn't normal = closed, sport = open. It opens and closes all the time during driving. My valve has gotten pretty squeaky so I can hear it operating all the time.
  2. Navigation prompts in the HUD? And is there a way to mute the audio prompts?

    Focus RS Electronics
    What he said, you can control the volume of notifications if you change it when it's playing.
  3. Buying my Ford Focus RS gone wrong.

    Canadian cars came with Cup2s standard, which almost look bald when brand new, and don't have good tire life if not. 35k for tires to be done is probably within reason depending on how it was driven. Brakes is a toss up, i'm not at 35k myself yet.
  4. Storage pocket in front of stick shift doesn't fit phone

    Focus RS Accessories
    I put my phone in the cupholders. I changed to the euro cupholders and the cup resizing thing works pretty well to hold the phone vertical. I put a pack of tissues in that spot. Doesn't fly around, fits perfectly.
  5. PSA - Hatch dents; Be careful when pushing the RS by hand

    Focus RS Appearance
    Not pushing to close the hatch. Pushing the car around in neutral.
  6. Factory Alignment Settings

    Focus RS Maintenance
    Thank you very much! Bookmarked!
  7. Factory Alignment Settings

    Focus RS Maintenance
    I did a search but could not find the factory alignment settings. My car was involved in a minor incident and needed replacement of the front tie rods. I wanted to get a copy of the alignment report from the Ford dealer, but I wanted to know what the factory ranges are so I have a comparison.
  8. Clutch slipping in 1st and 2nd when launching it hard.

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    How fast are you coming off the clutch? With launch control on for example, the procedure is to side step the clutch. Perhaps you're not dumping fast enough and overheating the clutch.
  9. Rev hang off the throttle

    Focus RS Performance
    It's not so bad after the car warms up. On cold start its terrible.
  10. Brake Calliper Paint Completely Shaved off

    Focus RS Discussions
    Can you put the wheels back on the car, leave it on the jack and manually rotate to see if there is anything that might foul? That and check the inside of your rim for scuffs that might indicate at least where it's rubbing.
  11. Focus RS 4x4 Intelligence Test

    Focus RS Photos and Videos
    Lexus one I saw failed 3, even the Audi SQ7 failed the last one.
  12. OEM Base Wheels don't fit

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    The silver multispoke wheels with the RS logo stamped in? Those should fit no problems.
  13. Brand New 2017 RS, Car will not go into Track Mode

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Hi, this is pretty well documented, there are quite a few thread on drive mode not available. The exhaust flap gets stuck in cold/rust whatever and causes the car to have a drive mode failure. This won't go away during the drive, but after the exhaust is warmed up you can cycle the car on and...
  14. Fuel tank capacity really 13.9?

    Focus RS Maintenance
    Taking your numbers 23 miles, and my fuel economy 18 mpg, just based off that I already calculate 12.6 gallon tank. Now obviously that isn't an exact calculation, but there is a safety factor in the car's estimates too. Your car isn't actually empty at 0, there is still quite a bit you can go...
  15. Infotainment cannot handle cold weather?

    Focus RS Discussions
    I have not found that to be the case even down to -20 degrees C. Has always worked for me.
  16. The Ti fastener replacement thread

    Focus RS Performance
    I am by no means an expert, but I know using dissimilar metals can cause a bunch of issues like corrosion. I think in conjunction the steel becomes more corrosion prone when used with titanium. Anyways, like I said not an expert, I might know just enough buzz words to get me in trouble, just...
  17. Serious Warning for those running the OZ/Mountune Leggera HLT's....

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    It's a shame to see none of the companies stepping up on this, I know what rims not to buy now.
  18. Valve stem caps?

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    Never seen those, certainly didn't come with the car.
  19. High hp no rear tire spin

    Focus RS Performance
    Just a point of contention regarding the "symmetrical AWD". Subaru's "symmetrical" AWD is not talking about power split. All of their systems will shuffle power front to back. The symmetrical in symmetrical AWD is representing the drivetrain layout. The boxer engine is inline with the...
  20. Recall

    Focus RS Canada
    There is a thread already open on this issue. Short answer is, probably not? We'll see.
1-20 of 284 Results