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  1. (SOLD) Factory RS Car Cover

    Sold Sold Sold
    Sold to @ww7573 Enjoy!
  2. (SOLD) Factory RS Car Cover

    Sold Sold Sold
    Factory RS Car Cover. The Box is open the cover was never used. Hows $225 U.S for the cover + whatever the postage rates are Canada Post parcel post with tracking#. I can do Paypal. Cheers Mike
  3. Website jumps around in mobile chrome

    Community Help
    THIS IS SILVER THIS IS WHITE FORD does not make a SILVER RS The M3 stripes and the Silver RS has been a running joke since around OCT 2015 No one can seem to change it or could care less.
  4. Attn: Ask Anything And Not Get Flamed Thread

    Focus RS Discussions
    YES! Mounted with tps,balanced and winter info decals applied to door sill.
  5. I am worried , did I make the right decision ?

    Focus RS Discussions
    Walk away from the order.. your not ready for a RS. Get a corolla less stress for your mental state at this time.
  6. Website jumps around in mobile chrome

    Community Help
    ..... that Silver RS in the banner :facepalm:
  7. 255/35-r19

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    Hi Guys, I have a really good deal on 4 tires only thing is they are 255/35-R19 ExtremeContact DWS. Will this size fit the stock wheel without rubbing? Cheers
  8. A New Stablemate for the RS

    Very Nice! Congrats!
  9. 2017 LeMans 24h

    Great Race! No Ferrari's on podium... expect Ford and Chevy to get banned for next year. :run:
  10. Coming from a WRX hatch, what will I give up?

    Focus RS Discussions
    You'll be giving up a pocket knife for a scalpel. I drive both a 16 sti and a 16 RS The RS stops better, accelerates better, and those bends and turns as George Takei would say....OH MY.
  11. Cell phone storage/ holder

    Focus RS Electronics
  12. The Official Frozen White Thread

    Focus RS Photos and Videos
  13. Yet Another Gem From Tune+

    Focus RS Performance
    No I said it. Who cares how many replies it gets.. if you don't like to read it unsubscribe from the thread. NO I mean the Enthusiasts face book page it's sponsored by tune- no one says anything bad about tune- or it gets shut down. If you don't like this thread unsubscribe, simple.
  14. Yet Another Gem From Tune+

    Focus RS Performance
    Shutdown... LOL This is not the Enthusiast Face Book Page controlled by Tune.
  15. WTF did I just see while driving??????

    Do I win? :facepalm:
  16. Well 1250miles and coolant tank is empty..

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Great News!
  17. Saying 'hello'

    Welcome, Good Choice with selecting White it's so classy looking! Your gonna Love it!
  18. Going To Be A 2018 Blue RS In New Jersey

    Congrats Welcome! The RS is quite a nice car.. your gonna love it!
  19. Bigger rubber at the rear)

    Focus RS Australia
    Are you running that size @JacobZ06 ?
1-20 of 192 Results