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  1. FS: 2017 Frozen White RS2 / Fayetteville NY / Adult Owned / 24000 Miles

    Cars For Sale
    I saw a Explorer ST today and thought that’s a cake and eat it too solution right there! I find myself having to take people to the airport along with their luggage and ride with people for fairly long trips so I’m looking for something with more room but still sporting.
  2. FS: 2017 Frozen White RS2 / Fayetteville NY / Adult Owned / 24000 Miles

    Cars For Sale
    Not going to part out. Don’t have the time to return it to stock. Selling because I don’t have the time to enjoy it or tinker.
  3. FS: 2017 Frozen White RS2 / Fayetteville NY / Adult Owned / 24000 Miles

    Cars For Sale
    2017 Focus RS2 Frozen White Moonroof Light Alloy Wheels Located in Fayetteville New York I’ve been elected to a public office and unfortunately the RS goes over like a stripper in church. I’m selling to buy something bigger and a bit more sedate 24000 Miles / Adult Owned / Stored...
  4. Need brake pads ASAP Watkins Glen

    North Eastern RS Owners
    Dude what you need is snow tires!
  5. The Oil Catch Can Thread

    Focus RS Performance
    Never had a catch can until now. Installed one and the Mountune breather plate at the same rime. I discovered that my connection was leaking at the threaded connection of the catch can so there was grime everywhere! Some Teflon paste on the threads solved the issue. Next oil change was 500...
  6. The official crashed RS thread

    Focus RS Discussions
    Every time I open the stand I say to myself one of 600, one of 599, one of 598...
  7. The Official Frozen White Thread

    Focus RS Photos and Videos
  8. Machined Aluminum Lockout

    Focus RS Appearance
    I installed one after bugging my OEM piece replacing the gator. New piece is solid and should hold up to a lifetime of shifts. Only downside is that I have an aftermarket shift ball and the meter reverse lockout clanks a bit, not terrible and an O ring would probably solve the issue. I see it is...
  9. Roof Rack

    Focus RS Accessories
    I had them powder coated
  10. Oil In Intercooler Piping

    Focus RS Maintenance
    Same. Found oil on my OEM piping.
  11. LED Light Bar/Rally/Aux/Driving Lights Megathread

    Focus RS Lighting
    I purchased a Hella harness. Well worth it for the price and elimination of aggravation. Had to customize it but install wasn’t hard and looks OEM.
  12. ODYSSEY battery users come inside !!

    Focus RS Performance
    Mine was the first mod I made to my car. Along with the grimspeed mount. No issues other than once when someone turned on my six driving lights to see how they looked and forgot to shut them off... any battery would have been drained. I put it on a trickle charger when the car goes into...
  13. 2019 Ford Ranger Spied in the U.S.!

    I watched a review and of the ranger raptor and the test driver said it was under powered.
  14. May have found easy (and reversible) way to improve ride quality

    Focus RS Suspension
    I've noticed the same. Passengers on board or loaded up for a recent camping trip and the ride was smoother.
  15. Automatic hatch lift

    Focus RS Accessories
    The struts break in after a while and are easier to close and the pop isn't as dramatic. I wouldn't call it violent even when new. Re the height, no change on mine. I think someone got a bad set.
  16. RUMOR: Ford May Be Planning a High-Performance Four-Door Mustang

    Rumor has it that the CEO is not in good standing, on his way out shortly and when he is gone, back come the cars.
  17. Reverse Lockout & Shift Knob GROUP BUY !!!

    Vendor Deals
    Ordered. Went through the install when I installed my Mountune shift boot and butchered the OEM lockout and have been waiting for a suitable upgrade.
  18. 2019 Ford Ranger Spied in the U.S.!

    So I read an article on autoblog that says that Ford has decided not to bring the Raptor version of the Ranger to the states
1-20 of 191 Results