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  1. Headlight Cornering Functionality

    Focus RS Lighting
  2. Hacking the SYNC 3 System/Screen/Radio

    Focus RS Electronics
    Only the radio controls that you can access through the steering wheel or touchscreen.
  3. Looking for the Drift symbol/icon in high res!

    Focus RS Discussions
    Nailed it!
  4. Don't reply to spam threads

    Community Help
    I couldn't find the report button my first time around, so I tagged two mods. If anybody else needs to know, on a web browser, it's in the bottom left under each post.
  5. Selling SB Focus RS under 1k miles in NJ

    North Eastern RS Owners
    Sorry to hear it. :(
  6. BIG aligment/wheelbase problem. car pulls to the right when on throttle.

    Focus RS TroubleShooting
    Put the car in drift mode and test a hard accel where you had consistently seen a pull to the right. Just a thought in the interest of narrowing down where the problem is.
  7. big problem with the brakes!

    Focus RS Brakes
    Happened twice in my ST. Found an open parking lot, put it in reverse, and backed up at decent speed steering lock-to-lock until it stopped. Second time it happened, a police cruiser drove past super slow and just stared. o_o;
  8. Did your dealer honor your original price (prior to Ford's $170 MSRP increase)?

    Focus RS Purchasing
    My dealer honored the original price without batting an eye or me asking. It's whatever though.
  9. Tail Light Replacement LED Bulb Install

    Focus RS Lighting
    This is @[email protected]'s car, so ask him. That said, they're just LED bulbs, they look great and Diode Dynamics has a great reputation overall. They're local to me, so I'll definitely be hitting them up when the time comes.
  10. Update at 800 miles (1/4 mile and dyno's)

    Focus RS Discussions
    Thanks for updating us! Have you seen @Bugasu's post about the secret "dyno mode"?
  11. Motormouth: The joy of the Ford Focus RS

    ... What are we talking about again?...
  12. Missouri RS Owners!

    Midwest RS Owners
    STL: KC:
  13. Missouri RS Owners!

    Midwest RS Owners
    3 blue, one white, one grey were delivered to Wentzville just before you posted this. Me: Status: On a train, in route from Baltimore. - Color: Black - Options: RS2 w/ moonroof - Location: St. Louis, MO - ADM?: No
  14. Possibly selling my allocation

    Focus RS Purchasing
    Just to be clear here, he would actually be out $100 on this deal. Dealer has to give back deposit, especially if you find them a replacement customer.
  15. Here are the little things/features that I like about the Focus RS.

    Focus RS Discussions
    When I got my ST, I was really excited about having one-touch windows on all four windows.
  16. Interior Center Rear View Mirror

    Focus RS Discussions
    Looks like I could fit one of my dash cam cameras in there. They are super small, wired cameras to a DVR in the glove box. Koonlung K1S. I'll give it a shot when my RS comes.
  17. Phoenix Leader

    Focus RS Purchasing
    Count me in! Just verified! Thanks everybody! Should be getting off in Baltimore for St. Louis delivery.
  18. A One Year Wait......

    Focus RS Discussions
    My option isn't on the poll. Ordered day of, built May 25, In Transit now. I'm hoping for late July/Early August. Honestly August for credit reasons, but I have a hard deadline of October for tax reasons.
  19. Official EPA estimate?

    Focus RS Discussions
    Don't forget 5W50 recommended oil weight.
1-20 of 147 Results