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  1. OEM 18” Winter Wheels/tires $500

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    How have these not sold yet? That price is a steal.
  2. Ford Revives Mach 1 Nameplate For Electric Performance SUV??????????

    wut? Aesthetically, it's very attractive for it's body type. Hell of a lot nicer looking than other crossovers. The name is dumb but surely you're smart enough to look past that and judge this car on its own merits, right? No, it's not a Mustang. But it is a handsome electric crossover. Half...
  3. Ford Focus RS vs. Hyundai Veloster N... Eye Opening!!!

    Focus RS Photos and Videos
    This is the first generation of the N brand and they've already surpassed the GTI and Focus ST. Never thought I'd see the day that a Hyundai would beat VW at their own game but here we are. This car is punching above its weight against the Type R, Subaru STI and Focus RS too.
  4. Mitsubishi Evo X FQ-440 MR | PH Used Review

    has any factory car ever bested this figure since? The only thing that comes close are the AMG 45 2.0 engines but they still fall short of this.
  5. Ford performance tunes

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    Ford abandoned us in the wake of the head gasket debacle. At least they made the drift stick as a consolation gift. It will be at least 20 years before the RS comes back to US shores. If it even survives the EV revolution. Hold onto them for dear life because there won't be a car quite like...
  6. Mk8 Golf caught in the wild

    Focus RS vs The Competition
    Official photos released by VW. The regular Golf won't come to America but this will give you an idea of what the GTI and R will look like when those arrive. The front end is ugly, but I like the headlights. The interior is clean and well designed. Really nice ergonomics there. That shift...
  7. What did you do to your FoRS today?

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    The ones in that pic are the Rav4, but the Corolla hatchback comes in that color too.
  8. What did you do to your FoRS today?

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    Don't forget the Hyundai Kona and Crosstrek Everyone trying to swaggerjack our Nitrous Blue smh
  9. Engine cover

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    Come to think of it, our engine bays are pretty ugly, though inline 4's usually are. I can't think of a good looking one except maybe the SRT4 and the early Evos. I guess the least ugly among modern cars is the AMG 45's.
  10. First ride: 2019 Ford Focus ST

    The front end is goofy looking, but the rear is much nicer than the mk3. It fixes the ugliest part of our car- the taillights.
  11. The official crashed RS thread

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    How would the owner have that kind of access to the impound lot holding his wrecked vehicle? They'll let you come and take your belongings out of the car but I've never heard of them allowing an owner to jack it up and swap out wheels and brakes.
  12. Can the i30 N upstart challenge the current king of the hill?

    Focus RS vs The Competition
    That TCR is tasty. If I owned the road car, I'd be tempted to buy the body kits to replicate that. The TCR Focus on the other hand, is quite ugly.
  13. 360/VR Video at Pitt Race in 2018 Focus RS

    Focus RS Photos and Videos
    What kind of camera do you need to shoot this? Can you post your setup?
  14. What do u boys think of Sarah n Tuned??? 2018 Focus RS Stage 2+ Review

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    Here's an archive of her Youtube channel before she focused on car content. You can see her "before" pic there. Apparently, some of her previous fans are dissapointed that she is so ashamed of her past and tries to bury it. I actually think she'd more popular if she...