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  1. It's not Goodbye, just "bye"

    Focus RS Purchasing
    You expected anything else from a gent like me? :tennis: Thanks man,I hope those horror stories I heard stay away from me and my baby!My girlfriend is getting adjutated at this point but hey, life ain't always fair :pride: btw anyone with experience with Subi's has any recommendations on break...
  2. It's not Goodbye, just "bye"

    Focus RS Purchasing
    8103 Probably on RORO by now. I would think at least. :wink-new:
  3. It's not Goodbye, just "bye"

    Focus RS Purchasing
    Thanks for the heads up man. I heard some bad stories but also I heard some good stories. Time will tell! Until then, I'm enjoying it :D It wasn't easy decision. Last time I've talked to Ford or my dealer (end of May) they said 6-10 weeks out. But as I said, I'll keep my eyes open and monitor...
  4. It's not Goodbye, just "bye"

    Focus RS Purchasing
    This is exactly why I planing coming back here. No flaming, everyone is honest and truly wishing happy travel in my Subi, even tho RS and STi are rivals. And who cares, we are all car enthusiast who love to hear a good engine sound and stare at good car ass. But let me be honest, I prefer girls...
  5. It's not Goodbye, just "bye"

    Focus RS Purchasing
    I was torn between red and white and went with white because I like the classy look with black rims. But red looks amazing on her, no question about it!
  6. It's not Goodbye, just "bye"

    Focus RS Purchasing
    Thanks man, you know I will! :smug:
  7. It's not Goodbye, just "bye"

    Focus RS Purchasing
    Thanks Mike! It's been a crazy journey and as I said, I'll still be around. Probably asking questions here more often then over at Subaru. I don't know, I just feel at home here and for a good reason. All of you guys are great and been such a huge resource last year that there is no real reason...
  8. It's not Goodbye, just "bye"

    Focus RS Purchasing
    Thank you sir! I don't think I'll be disappointed,not even a bit! :D Agree, too good of a deal to pass on. Thanks!
  9. It's not Goodbye, just "bye"

    Focus RS Purchasing
    Well majority of you here know me or have seen my username popup. Like many of us, I was frustrated with the process and knowing my car was build May 13th (selected back in December for scheduling) didn't help ease the pain. While back I started tossing the idea of buying MY17 WRX STi Limited ...
  10. Blind Spot Assist

    Focus RS Discussions
    Guys, if this was posted and answered earlier, feel free to delete it however I don't recall reading it. How difficult would be to install blind spot assist in mirrors on our NA RS's? I know Euros get them so I'm hoping it's easier to do then what some people suggested. Basically mirrors with...
  11. Order Statuses

    Focus RS Purchasing
    Don't want to get anyone in trouble but can someone who has access run F48048/8103 order pls? It was built on 13th this month and Etis just changed date to 5/20/2016 so I'm guessing either released or shipped from plant. Pretty please? :triumphant: :semi-twins:
  12. Shipping Statuses

    Focus RS Purchasing
    I've been thinking and no mater how hard is to see STi (I actually do like how it looks) with your name on it and "sold" banner, I will most likely leave it be and take my deposit once they sell the car. Couple of reasons, but some are as following: to get STi to same output as stock RS I will...
  13. Shipping Statuses

    Focus RS Purchasing
    Well snap, I order STi April 20th and I just heard from my salesman that car is here and ready for pick-up. That is only a month after I ordered it. MY17 STi limited, so fully loaded for price of $38,300 which is bellow invoice (MSRP is $42,000+). I don't know now what to do. My RS is produced...
  14. Shipping Statuses

    Focus RS Purchasing
    You all guys are getting your cars and mine is still collecting dust at the plant waiting to be released. Sad times, truly sad times for me! :neglected: I don't like you guys any more...just because "hate" is too strong word for it. :wink-new:
  15. Hello from Illinois! New member to focus rs forum, long time lurker hehe

    Welcome to the forum! :very_drunk: To answer your question, no one received their RS here in States yet. There are plenty of forum member cars waiting on customs clearance in ports however and will hopefully be in customer hands soon.