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  1. My RS makes some random chirp noises...

    West / West Coast Owners
    I hear a chirp as well and seem to always get it when I am taking off from a dead stop in 1st. I was thinking it was just a "Wheel Chirp" as I take off, but after hearing others hearing the same noise I not 100% if it is just the wheels or if it is something else? When does everyone else hear...
  2. 0% financing

    Focus RS Purchasing
    I didn't get "Promo" pricing/rates of 0% or .9%. I did however get a better rate then 5% that ford offered. I was able to get 2.9% from SunTrust on a 6yr/72month loan. So it is deffinetly possible to do better than Ford Credits current offers on the RS. Credit Score is also going to play a...
  3. Police Attention in the FoRS and other ticket/warning stories

    Focus RS Discussions
    I knew someone would say something about this! LOL YES I smoke in my car! It's MY CAR and I don't ever plan on getting rid of it. So I really don't care about possible "smell" for re-sale value. To each there own on what and how they choose to do it with their own rides. Clips are for...
  4. Police Attention in the FoRS and other ticket/warning stories

    Focus RS Discussions
    Well I don't if I'm just lucky, have a golden horseshoe up my azz or what. BUT ILL TAKE IT! Must also be Karma as I got pulled over last night!!!! Was racing, doing 90 in a 45 and saw lights in the rearview. I immediately pull over, roll down the window, grab license, registration, insurance...
  5. Police Attention in the FoRS and other ticket/warning stories

    Focus RS Discussions
    Amen to that! Emporia to Doswell (right before Kings Dominion), then same the other way as well, Doswell to Emporia. That section of 95 Heading North or South is NOTORIOUS FOR COPS!!! State Troopers, Sheriffs and what ever County you are in at the time has their cops out there as well! Just a...
  6. Police Attention in the FoRS and other ticket/warning stories

    Focus RS Discussions
    I have gotten a thumbs up while driving from 3 cops so far. I also had a cop pull up next to me a t a stop light and roll down his window to tell me "Nice Car" and "How does it handle and how fast is it"? I said faster than your cruiser with a smile and he told me to do a launch (we were at a...
  7. Carbon Fiber hood potential?/'15-'16 ST Hoods Fit?

    Focus RS Appearance
    I would be in for a group buy on a CF HOOD w/VENTS, if anything can be found/put together for everyone to buy?!?!? I would then do the CF side mirror covers and a CF ROOF WRAP to match it all together. If a group buy forms on this CF VENTED HOOD; I'm all in!!!!
  8. Finally lost a race 😖

    Focus RS Performance
    I don't think you understood my comment lol..... Yes your car may beat my car in a race; but I would never let any human rape me in anyway! I would just kill them first! :)
  9. Finally lost a race 😖

    Focus RS Performance
    Its what dude said he was running and I have no reason to doubt him. That said, driver baby!!! LoL and car racing or not, nobody is ever raping my azz!!! Come try and see what it gets ya!
  10. So my baby got some new shoes!!!

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    Beautiful!!! Well done sir! Very nicely done! Looks fantastic!!! Love the lug nuts too!
  11. Finally lost a race 😖

    Focus RS Performance
    So I finally lost a race in my RS!!! Grrrrrr I lost to a 2009 2 door VW GOLF with 450whp with a DCT...Now I only lost by a car and half, so not to shabby. Went from a roll at 30mph and every shift he jumped a little more ahead. We then ran again from a dead stop and took him from the hole...
  12. FoRS @ Cars & Coffee pics

    Focus RS Photos and Videos
    What is under your RS badge on the rear?
  13. Here are the little things/features that I like about the Focus RS.

    Focus RS Discussions
    What are FLAC files?
  14. Took delivery today, yes It was worth the wait

    Focus RS Canada
    Congrats Mike! Enjoy the FW! I know I am loving mine as well and you car looks great!!!
  15. Blue "Green Filter" Air Filter Group Buy

    Focus RS Shop
    Yeah, I already put in a standard RED K&N filter this past weekend! However, I will gladly change it out for BLUEas long as the performance is the same as the K&N. So true ... So very Blue, I mean true! Edit - #AllYourMoneyGoesToBlueRSAccentMods