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    Also I am located in Chambersburg PA. Willing to...

    Also I am located in Chambersburg PA. Willing to drive up to 50 miles, anything past that will require additional cash my way. Thanks!
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    Wheels, tires, oil filters, and oil!

    Hey folks! So I sold the RS about 3 weeks ago and these items have been sitting in my garage just collecting dust. I have 4 original tires without wheels, two have decent tread the other two are low,...
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    I used and used the perm raised...

    I used and used the perm raised rubber lettering. 1inch option for the stock 19 tires. I included a pic for you to get a good look!
  4. Trying to make sure this wheel calculates to a correct fitment

    So I’m going to be getting some new wheels and I think I found the ones I want. I know general things about wheel fitment but I want to be certain I won’t have any issues rubbing or having issues...
  5. NEED ADVICE : 2nd Head gasket is going in

    Alright everyone let's prepare for a story.

    So earlier on in the year when I got the notice for the Head Gasket Recall, I took my RS into the shop to get the tests done. I have a 2017 RS2 with, at...
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