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2020 Ford Focus RS and beyond is officially DEAD!

This is a discussion on 2020 Ford Focus RS and beyond is officially DEAD! within the News forums, part of the Site News category; Originally Posted by dkirby Neil Peart , what can I say!!! best live band ever!!!...

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Thread: 2020 Ford Focus RS and beyond is officially DEAD!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dkirby View Post
    Neil Peart , what can I say!!! best live band ever!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ankah View Post
    the RS has been around a lot longer then Tyrone has been at Ford so I'm not worried

    now the RS coming to the US again I knew wasn't going to happen since they announced RS sales were not as high as they wanted ( because of dealer markup )
    Quote Originally Posted by JWA View Post
    I think that has a lot more to do with Ford dropping sedans and hatches in the US than anything else.
    I disagree with that. The Focus ST and Fiesta ST sold like hot-cakes. The Focus RS when released often got nearly a 20% to 30% mark-up. While some idiots paid those mark-ups. Most didn't. So the RS sat on the floor. And all that did was create stagnation for sales.

    Unfortunately there is nothing any manufacturer can do to stop the dealer mark-ups. The US Franchise laws give dealers too much power. If Ford could have sold the RS directly to people it would have sold out, and you'd see probably double the number on the road.

    Dealers keep saying the franchise laws are there to "protect" consumers. But the truth is, they are there to protect the dealers. Without the franchise laws dealers would still have the used car market.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thirdgen89gta View Post
    I disagree with that. The Focus ST and Fiesta ST sold like hot-cakes.
    It may have appeared that way from your perspective, but the sales numbers don’t show that.

    Let’s take 2014 as our example as it was approximately when the current RS was being developed and is the newest year that I was able to easily find sales numbers for the ST broken out. In the US in 2014 Ford sold 219,634 total Focuses, of which 14,036 were Focus ST’s. That is 6.3% of total Focus production.

    As a comparison from a competitor in that market with the same base/hot/hotter variations of their mid-size car let’s use Subaru and the Impreza/WRX. That same year Subaru sold 82,228 Impreza models. Ford sold nearly three times as many Focuses that year. However, of those, 25,492 were Impreza WRX’s. This is not quite double the number of the hotter Focus, and a considerable 31% of total Impreza production.

    So the ST sold only 14k per year. I can’t find a good source for sales counts for the RS in the US, but it seems unrealistic to believe that the $40k more narrowly focused version of the car would have sold anything more than a smaller portion of that number, no matter what dealers tried to do with the pricing. Estimates are roughly 3,000 RSes in 2016, tapering to the 1,000 in 2018.

    When you look at the actual numbers, it seems pretty logical to me that based on equivalent sales numbers of similar cars and their performance variants the ST never sold as well as the hotter versions from other manufacturers so the suspected RS numbers were likely right in line with their expectations.

    Ultimately, Ford decided that it no longer makes business sense to sell cars in the US any longer. In 2014 they sold 753,851 F-series trucks. This is more than three times as many units as the Focus. By 2018 this had grown to 909,330 with the Focus declining to 113,345, so about 9 trucks sold to every one Focus. The Explorer did 209,994 and 250,690 those same years for comparison.

    Based on that, it makes sense that they got out of cars in the US market. With no cars to base them on, we then get no hot models. With no hot cars, the guys who joined Ford Performance due to their interest in hot cars versus hot versions of trucks and SUVs go find work elsewhere.

    Based on all of this, it seems pretty clear to me that this has much more to do with the tastes of the car buying public in the US and dealer markup attempts on the RS had no real impact.
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    More info on Hyundai and their acquisitions:

    Ford RS chief engineer moves to Hyundai

    South Korean automaker Hyundai has plucked Ford's chief RS engineer. Tyrone Johnson has been named head of vehicle test and development at the Hyundai Motor Europe Test and Development facility in Germany after working on Ford's RS vehicles in his previous role.

    Autocar reported Monday on Johnson's new role, which is Albert Biermann’s former position. Biermann has moved to global head of research and development for the South Korean automaker. Biermann is the man who arrived at Hyundai to improve vehicle dynamics and shake things up with the N performance sub-brand. He previously worked for BMW's M division and has overseen some of the hottest offerings from Genesis, Hyundai, and Kia. They include the Kia Stinger, Genesis G70, i30 N hot hatchback, and its North American cousin, the Veloster N.

    With the former RS chief engineer onboard, Hyundai has quite an asset in its growing chest of engineers and designers. Luc Donckerwolke, former Bentley design chief, was previously hired to oversee Hyundai and Kia design. If the 2020 Hyundai Sonata is any beacon for the brand's styling direction, we're delighted.

    Both Hyundai and Kia have been working to revamp their portfolios as sales slip in the United States. The automaker is also keen to quickly flesh out its Genesis luxury brand. With its sedan portfolio shaping up, the brand will soon launch its first crossover SUV, the GV80.

    Back at the N performance division, Hyundai appears interested in producing a stand-alone sports car. The car would be a halo model and the division has explored some intriguing prototypes, including mid-engine powertrains. What Johnson's role may be in this possible future car is unclear, and such a model would be years away in any case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carver View Post
    Neil Peart , what can I say!!! best live band ever!!!
    Agreed, I was always a big Rush fan...and still am a big fan!!!
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    Personally, i can't imagine Ford would expect to sell large numbers of specialty cars like the RS in the U.S. Hell, them being manual transmission only, knocks out a lot of people these days unfortunately. That said I also wouldn't want to pass an RS every day on the way to work. I like having a car that is fairly unique.

    I would be surprised if the expectation was different within Ford for the RS. Add in the asshole dealer markup and that just makes them a bit harder to sell. While I still likely overpaid, I did not/would not pay over sticker.

    The biggest fail was the block/rods and the mistake with the headgasket. You don't put a car like the RS on the market it slots into that is as close to its max HP/Torque on stock internals. That's just a recipe for for problems. They cheaped out there.
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    To be fair Ford always said from the beginning the RS engine was at its limit in stock guise. I dont think it was ever going to be a great platform for power mods.
    It wss all about the handling and twinster system.
    If they detuned it by 50hp stock, then suddenly it becomes an aftermarket hero.
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    I highly doubt the RS brand is gone for good. But I fear that Ford's going to tarnish it by making something stupid like an Escape RS.
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    They should have used the 5 cylinder from rs mk2 would have paid extra for it too.
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    I agree an updated mk2 Focus RS engine would have been awesome. But, also think they went against it due to "global" platform. They felt it needed to be all Ford and Ford is really pushing the EB engines everywhere. I don't think the US market would liked having to take their Ford to a Volvo dealer to get the engine worked on properly either since the US tech are not use to the Volvo engine.
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