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All the Cars I Convinced People Not to Buy in 2018

This is a discussion on All the Cars I Convinced People Not to Buy in 2018 within the News forums, part of the Site News category; Originally Posted by cornerexit Originally Posted by Rathion There's plenty of hardcore performance vehicles out there that have suspension that feels good on bad roads. ...

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Thread: All the Cars I Convinced People Not to Buy in 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by cornerexit View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Rathion View Post
    There's plenty of hardcore performance vehicles out there that have suspension that feels good on bad roads. Suspension can be stiff and still not get upset easily. From the CTR (which I've driven) to BMW M cars to even other Ford products like the GT350. A bouncy, over dampened ride is not performance. It works, sure. But even at autocross on a smooth'ish lot, every RS owner (including myself) don't even run the stiff suspension setting because the car gets too upset too easily. Every car journalist that I respect who drive everything from Kia sedans on the road to Ferraris on the track all agree the suspension doesn't work as well as it could. The RS is awesome and if I had to do it again, I'd still buy the RS all the same. But the suspension is definitely the weak point.
    I’ve never bought or driven a perfect car. Took a test drive and said “this is perfect, doesn’t need anything.” Come to think of it, never rode or bought a sport bike that was perfect either. Always some thing(s) to correct in the aftermarket, Always! People crying over suspension should have bought something else.
    I don't think acknowledging a car's weakness is exactly the same as crying. I don't even understand what you're trying to say, tbh. You agree no car is perfect; always things to correct in aftermarket. We talk about what's not perfect, so we should have bought another car?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesc View Post
    I believe ford did a solid job addressing the suspension for the '18s. It is still stiff and sporty, but much more compliant. I drive 2400+ miles over the last week with my lady and 6yr old. No complaints.

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    Haven't driven an RS with the first or second suspension revisions so I can't speak for that, but my 18 is everything I would expect and want. It does pogo every now and again though, but not like my 2005 Mustang GT that pogo'd every few minutes on the highway.

    I don't think the RS in normal mode is any more worse than my 17 WRX was. Can't ask my wife, she hated the WRX and hates the RS.

    What it sadly comes down to is track times for press days. .1 seconds could separate 1st and 2nd, and look at any ranking video or article. "The VW R comes in 3rd, beating the STI, but is definitely the most comfortable vehicle here." --Literally every article/youtube video that compares the VW R, STI, RS and CTR... Comfort doesn't win (articles, but I see plenty of R's on the road). When it's time for a new car, I will probably do what I did this time; buy the most hardcore vehicle I can.

    Could Ford have done better with the suspension from the get-go, probably. Personally, I don't need the turnable headlights and would have liked to have seen the money that went into those, go into suspension and a button that raises the nose of the car.

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