NEED ADVICE : 2nd Head gasket is going in
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NEED ADVICE : 2nd Head gasket is going in

This is a discussion on NEED ADVICE : 2nd Head gasket is going in within the Focus RS TroubleShooting forums, part of the Focus RS Garage category; Alright everyone let's prepare for a story. So earlier on in the year when I got the notice for the Head Gasket Recall, I took ...

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Thread: NEED ADVICE : 2nd Head gasket is going in

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    Exclamation NEED ADVICE : 2nd Head gasket is going in

    Alright everyone let's prepare for a story.

    So earlier on in the year when I got the notice for the Head Gasket Recall, I took my RS into the shop to get the tests done. I have a 2017 RS2 with, at the time of the original replacement just a hair over 20k miles. After the tests are all done I get told that my RS was not affected by the gasket issue BUT they wanted to replace the head gasket anyway. Not sure why, but I wasn't going to argue since it was a new gasket.

    So they put the new head gasket in and I'm on my way. Everything seems fine, but I notice that the idle is kind of rough now on start and when just sitting at a red light sometimes. I didn't think anything of it since it was still a little cold out and just figured it was due to cold weather.

    I go to change my oil at 24k miles (I like to keep changes at every 4k miles) and notice that there is some oil on the oil pan, the filter, and other components near that area underneath. Maybe the kid who did the oil after the head gasket didn't tighten the oil filter. I change the oil, clean everything up, double check my oil filter and put the pieces back together. I drive the car for another 4k miles until I'm at 28k and this is where the issues start.

    I go to change the oil and again I see oil, but this time more, and its everywhere. I take it into ford as is, show them pictures, and leave it with them. They gave me a real nice F150 to drive around, I'v never had a truck and quite like it actually. Anyway, I call after 2 days to see what they found and they said that the tech is pretty sure he fixed it but wants to be sure and he was going to keep is one more day and drive it around the block once every hour or so. Cool maybe it was just some lose **** they didn't tighten during the head gasket change.

    Well the next day comes and they said I have a head gasket leak. I asked how bad it was and the service lady said she wasn't sure and that she would get with the tech and call me back. She calls me 2 hours later and says "Hi, luchh224? Is xxx from xxx ford....the leak's pretty significant. We're going to have to keep it for a while and test a lot of stuff out. " Fantastic.

    My question and concern is now this. What should I do here? It's under warranty still, and by the time the appointment was set for ford to check it out it was at 30k miles. So for around 10k miles since the initial head gasket replacement there has been a "Significant leak" with my head gasket. This leads me to believe that the Engine and Turbo and all other components in need of oil have been borderline starved of it, and that they are much much weaker and could break a lot easier now. I really would either like a new engine and turbo OR to just get the car bought back from me. What course of action should I take folks? Ford corporate knows and has a case open for me. The dealer has been pretty great with the whole series of events though and I am very pleased with the customer service they have given me so there is a little happiness in knowing that.

    Thanks for reading guys, take it easy, and may god have mercy on your RS.

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    Ford gave you a b/n f150 loaner and is fixing your car under warranty. If anything else pops they have 30 days and 3 attempts on the same issue, afterwards your options open up a bit more.

    Reccomended course of action? For now, sit tight and enjoy your truck. As someone who got the letter early and was one of the first to schedule the recall, I'm STILL waiting for the parts on HG replacement - trust me your situation sounds tame by comparison and standing on this side of the fence it sounds like you're going to be just fine.
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    I would find out what revision head is on the car and request a head and gasket replacement. I would imagine you have a head that has a less than perfect finish and possibly a bit of gasket scrubbing because of it. Just one of a million variables, but this has been my personal experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luchh224 View Post
    ...After the tests are all done I get told that my RS was not affected by the gasket issue BUT they wanted to replace the head gasket anyway...
    Just out of curiousity, do you know when your car was built (ETIS website, window sticker, etc) and did you manually check/inspect the edge of the headgasket in the engine bay to see what gasket originally came with your RS (there is a thread that covers that procedure btw if you aren't aware) ?
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    You could always ask for an extended warranty due to your issues and the RS issues as a whole.

    Never hurts to ask.
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    Looks like a botched HG job.
    Amateur mechanic.

    Take it to another Ford dealership and get it towed.
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