Who took the extended warranty and why?
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Who took the extended warranty and why?

This is a discussion on Who took the extended warranty and why? within the Focus RS Purchasing forums, part of the Focus RS Forums category; I decided to take the extended warranty but I realize I didn't do much homework before hand and since it can be cancelled and pro ...

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Thread: Who took the extended warranty and why?

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    Who took the extended warranty and why?

    I decided to take the extended warranty but I realize I didn't do much homework before hand and since it can be cancelled and pro rated I was curious to know who also took the warranty and why.

    If you didn't take it, I'd love to know why you passed on it.


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    I bought an 8yr 60k mi Ford extended warranty for ~$750 bc after 3 yrs the factory warranty is expired except for power train. I thought that paying that amount for basically 5 yrs of coverage on everything and an additional 3 yrs on power train was worth the money (factory 3 yr + 5 yr extended). Since electronic failures can be expensive and even a simple starter motor is several hundred dollars, it seemed like a reasonable amount for the peace of mind. Owning both a BMW and an Audi, the cost of ownership after 4 yrs can be expensive without this type of coverages. The Focus should not be nearly as costly but a single failure (i.e.. NAV or infotainment ) would far out way the cost of this warranty. In addition bc it can be transferred I thought it would be a factor for when I go to sell it privately.

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    I've owned a Honda Civic, a VW GTI, a FoST, and now the FoRS.

    The VW had a warranty claim about 2x a year including a stuck throttle body that caused unintended acceleration (until shifted into 6th to bog the engine). After that car I've felt anything performance related should have a warranty to save the headache. Although I never needed it on the FoST I thought the FoRS is a different beast. I also plan to keep the car as long as possible and my dealer offers free oil changes for the life of the vehicle with the warranty.

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    I'm up in the air about it too. I'm confident my dealer will be mod friendly, but just as well you never know when they'll have a change of heart.

    Still $750 isn't a bad insurance policy for what is a unique car with some specialized components in the Ford stable.

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    I always had extended coverage, and most of the time I came ahead. With Ford I have a dilemma... I just dump my focus SE ( still under warranty) because I never in my life was hassled as badly as in last 6 months by Ford dealers ( to be exact interstate Ford in Dacon, CO Bradley Ford in Cheyenne, WY and Medved in castle rock, CO)
    Fog light burned out, 2.5 weeks for service appointment and 3 hours of waiting.
    Dead battery 2 trips to dealer, AAA tow, print out from auto zone and NAPA that battery is shot
    Right output axle shaft leaking - 3 visits, provided pictures, just tapped off the fluid. And the final straw was a rear shocks coated with oil, car bouncy as old caddy...3 weeks wait for appointment, 7 hours wait time just to be put on the rack to be told that it is a normal for shocks to weep out oil. All of these on a 2014 focus se under 30k miles
    Now how screwed up in the head to say that I want to extended this?
    I want RS, but Ford can fck off, unless I find a service dealer that's at least honest....
    I took the se drove to a Dodge dealer and drove out in a 2016 ram 3500 fully loaded larime longhorn cummins dually....
    I perfectly fine wasting my time, if it is my choice, but when a bunch of hacks have complete disregard to my time....well I vote with my wallet....

    In short, if you got a dealer in your area that not mod anything friendly - just doing it's job I would get the extended warranty. When I am buy the car and fully expecting to be hassled for everything - no thank you...
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    I chose not to get an extended warranty. At some point down the road I'm going to tune my car, and I don't want to wait 8 years to do it. I'm hoping that if there are any major issues with the car, they come to light before I void my factory warranty.
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